7 best tips for healthy clay pot cooking

The clay pot is the oldest and time-consuming method for healthy cooking. While people struggle to overcome the harmful effects of modern cooking methods, nobody complained about this safe and easy cooking method. This is perhaps because people slowly go back to their roots by switching to clay pots.

There is a new challenge in the clay pot, but it is rarely the case for people to evaluate health, so the clay cookies on the market are unfortunately chemical laden and toxic enamels and glaze (eg ceramic). The more beautiful and colorful the look is, the more toxins you can cook. The cheaper it is possible to make the additives faster and more refined. It is important to choose a real healthy pot and there are 7 tips to choose and use the best clay pots:

1. Always choose the primary clay

Primary clay is the purest form of clay – no toxins . Only primary clay is naturally inert, so it does not react to foods such as metals and ceramics. In the market there are several clay pots made of secondary or tertiary clay, but there are pollutants that can be absorbed into their food during cooking.

2. No chemicals, enamels or enamels

Most manufacturers use chemical substances to facilitate the process. In fact, all mechanized procedures need to handle raw materials with chemicals. Enamels and enamels can be colorful, attractive and even pottery and pots of clay, but disposed of foods. So always choose a cooking pot made of the primary clay (or pure clay) without plastic.

3. Seasoning is Important

Cutting a clean clay pot according to instructions is very important for cooking delicious food every time and increasing the pot's life. Pure clay does not stick naturally, so after proper flavoring, if it is done correctly, food should never stick to the bottom.

4. Select the ingredients carefully

Finally, you chose the healthiest clay pot – great, but it will be in vain if you do not use the right ingredients. For healthy potato cooking, make sure you choose natural ingredients that are unprocessed and nutritious. Balanced nutrition for you and your family is a healthy body, so always pay attention to the nutritional value of the ingredients.

5. Cooking in Medium or Low Heat

Clean clay pots are high heaters and close infrared heat from their village cooks warmly warm dishes. Keeps nutrients intact and keeps food cooks at almost the same time low to moderate heat as metal / ceramic dishes at high temperatures.

Cooking medium to medium temperature not only provides for firing and sinking, but also improves the durability of pure clay pots.

6. Select steam-treated bowl

Steam handling is an important part of healthy cooking. In conventional containers, the vapor pressure inside the pot is too high, while the hard / near infrared heat of the metals / ceramics is cooked. So the lid has a vent hole to release unnecessary steam to protect the pot from exploding.

Not many people know that steam is water-soluble nutrients. As the body can not store them like fat-soluble nutrients, it is needed daily. If steam is released during cooking, the food will be nourishingly deficient.

An ergonomically designed clean clay tray and lid ensures that when steam rises from food, it condenses on the inner surface of the lid (the lid is cooler than the pot) and returns to food before cooking is completed. Thus, water-soluble nutrients are retained and their body is regularly fed.

7. With clean water – no soap

No matter what the label says, all soaps are poisonous. If you use a 100% non-toxic container, it is important to keep away any toxic or chemical substance away. Pure clay pots are naturally porous, so the food does not adhere to the surface. In normal water, you can always clean them with bare hands. Though you can sand it a bit if the fried food is on the bottom.

Following these simple, yet useful tips, you can do wonders of healthy clay cooking . It not only nourishes nutrition with essential nutrients but protects you from frequent infections and illnesses by enhancing immunity.

Source by Sharon Ray

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