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Nowadays blogging is one of those things that are huge trends on the market. If you notice it, many bloggers are rising almost at the corner of the street! However, the success of this blogging sector is another story. Creative is, of course, a prerequisite, but if there are no effective blogging applications with you, even if your writing is in the mood, your post or blog may not necessarily attract attention. Nowadays, there is no need for a laptop or desktop to get a pen in your blogs. Here are some amazing and powerful blog apps that provide unpredictable and fun blog experiences on your iPad or iPhone.

# 1 BlogPress

If you are looking for a wonderful, user-friendly blog experience, BlogPress is the right option. Using a text editor that comes with BlogPress, the fine-tuning or correction of a written article will be smoother. Editing an image is preferable to using an image editor integrated with blogging. Particularly interesting is the fact that sharing favorite postings with your followers and friends is very easy with social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, and YouTube. Other important features of BlogPress are the following.

first Customize your signature.

2nd Handle effective comments.

3rd Easy uploading of videos, anchor texts, files, hyperlinks, and more.

4th It supports MSN Live Space, Blogger, WordPress.

# 2 Weebly

If you installed Weebly on an iPad or iPhone, creating a site or store or blog on an Apple site is no longer a headache. Here, this application is not just a blogging application, but a tool that creates user friendly sites. This application allows you to select the best equipped text and design elements from the many available options. Additionally, you can upload different images from Camera Roll directly. Other seductive benefits of using Weebly are the following.

first The Weebly Desktop offers a variety of sensitive topics that make it easy to edit your site.

2nd Use the integrated blog post editor to easily publish your views.

3rd Commenting and responding becomes smoother, which will help you stay connected with the people who follow your posts.

4th You can check your web activity through the web dashboard in real-time format.

5th Storing orders, checking site traffic, and checking other logical stats is easier.

# 3 BlogTouch Pro

Whether you want to publish a new blog post or edit an existing one, along with comment management, BlogTouch Pro can easily perform your tasks. By your preference, you can change the color, format, and style of the text. In short, this blog application would help improve the quality of articles. One of the most interesting features of BlogTouch Pro is that you do not have to delay your work if you do not have any internet access at any time. If you want to work offline, send it later when Internet access is available.

# 4 Squarespace Blog

For iOS devices, Sqaurespace Blog is a very powerful blog application. Creating or editing a blog post is extremely easy with the markdown function or LayoutEngine. Apart from using this powerful blogging app, you can easily create links, format texts, apply the layout you want, and add many photos without headaches. Interestingly, you can manage comments in blog posts. For example, if you do not like a comment, you can immediately mark it as spam. Another important tool in Squarespace Blog is that you can switch between multiple websites and blogs faster.

# 5 Blogo

Thanks to the intuitive and impressive user interface, Blogo is extremely popular with bloggers using iOS devices. This blogging application is so powerful that it gets the best possible exit from a blogger who is a rookie. With this application, you can perform tasks faster, as there are a number of shortcuts to accomplish some important tasks.

One of Blogo's most unpredictable tools is to have your blog or article run offline. The pro version of the blog application supports WordPress.com. With this Pro you can manage multiple blogs at once. Additionally, Blogo's preference panel helps keep the workflow.

# 6 Tumblr

To make blogging enjoyable and enjoyable, you can use Tumblr, which is developing much more on today's market. Tumblr has a huge community where you can not just share the experience, but you can effectively learn a number of new techniques to make blog entries more interesting and appealing. Videos, photos, articles, interesting quotes – whatever you like, you can immediately send it to Tumblr. Since Share Sharing is very easy in this application platform, communicating with other bloggers is very convenient here.

# 7 Notgraphy

There are nearly 40 different templates in Notgraphy. If you use it, you can make your blogs or posts more enjoyable and appealing. This blog application will not disappoint if you are looking for an entertaining blog experience. Another attractive feature is that you can easily create a gallery with all of its articles and comments. You can also share these posts easily on various social media platforms. Linking and interacting with other bloggers is very easy using Notgraphy.

In addition to all of the above-mentioned blog applications, WordPress, Cube, Posterous, etc. These are other popular blog applications that work effectively on different iOS devices.

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