6 Useful Tips to Extend Your iPhone Battery Life

Poor battery life for iPhone can cause a variety of problems. However, it is possible to get the most out of full battery power by using the built-in applications and resources properly. Here are six useful tips to extend the usable life of your iPhone battery:

App Refresh

iPhone has a clever app refreshing features that occur in the background. This app detects the most used applications and ensures that they are kept up to date with the latest version. If you use many different apps every day, this can mean that iPhone works a lot when it should be asleep.

Use Auto Brightness

The Auto Brightness menu is a memory powerful option to control the brightness of the display. The iPhone also has an ambient light sensor that sits in the background and adjusts the brightness needed to match the situation. But abandoning this type of application or similar features that are constantly running in the background will soon take advantage of battery life.


Soon, using the Bluetooth battery.

Location Services

iPhone has a built-in GPS that is practical for driving directions. If you're less likely to use it for a few days, you can turn it off. , Find a restaurant or other card use. Many rarely use location services, so it may benefit from turning off this feature to save battery power.

Update Applications Automatically

Most downloaded downloads are designed to automatically update when the latest release is released. If you have a lot of non-frequently used applications, you may find it better to disable this feature and update most of the most used applications manually.

Download the Battery

You do not have to waste your battery life completely before the next charge. It may be useful to prevent the lithium battery from reaching 0%. The preferred option is to keep the battery charge by 50% or more. When the battery life is below this signal, you may want to reload it. However, it is not necessary to complete a full recharge every day. Constantly charging the battery to 100% in the long run will start to shorten its usage time. The best option is to keep the lithium-ion battery at around 40% to 80% for best results.

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