6 questions before choosing a mobile app developer

As the trend of mobile apps is growing steadily and stunning consumers, you may be asking yourself how to dive into this media. You may have a perfect idea for an application, or maybe you just want to have it developed for your company. Anyway, you have to pair with a mobile app developer. But where do you choose from, where do you start from? Your needs dictate which developer you need to associate with, but you can ask yourself to help narrow down the options:

1. Do you have strong portfolios? Developing mobile apps is like any other professional service – you want to be sure they know what they are doing. If you do not have a portfolio on your site, ask them which applications they have developed. Then look at apps and their apps in the app store and / or the market.

2nd What is their testing process? Testing is a key part of application development. Many applications do not work because they release their apps before. Not only do they download the application who downloads the app because they are likely to leave a negative comment that prevents them from downloading. What is the upgrade plan? All successful apps update their updates, whether they're fixing a bug or launching a new service. Make sure it is included in your agreement with your developer so you can simply update your app.

4th Technical specialists? Is the developer able to resolve errors? How are they approaching fixing errors? If you are not able to proactively resolve the issues you want to find another developer. (You can get some insight by looking at the customer reviews of the applications you develop to figure out how much time was found to find the wrong users.)

5. Are they fast? This is similar to a strong portfolio that you should probably look for in every business relationship. Application development is of particular importance because its application can be faced with an urgent issue that needs to be resolved. For example, if there is a major error after starting, you must be careful to save your application.

6th Do you offer marketing and promotional services ? Promoting your application can greatly contribute to success. Not all developers offer this service, but they can be very valuable if they do.

Source by Kristi Daeda

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