5 Ways To Get Spy Death To Work

If you have a Spy pen, it just seems to be either stuck with the light or dead and will not turn on. We write this report to show you some of the tricks we found to get it to work again.

1. Perform hard reset

Most of the time, just put the end of the paper clip into the opening below the backlight and perform a hard reset will get your Spy Pen to work. Just pull out a small paper clip and insert it straight into the open space. When you resist, press light and you can find the reset button depressed.

Make sure it goes straight and not in the corner, or you could damage some of the items inside. Release and try to turn it on.

2. Unplug the USB Cable

If you use a USB cable to connect a spy pen to your computer or 110V charger adapter, one day the cable will fail. If you use the USB cable because you can not connect the pen directly to the computer, just try to connect it directly to the computer.

Do not use a USB port, as sometimes it is not enough power for it; Just connect it to the computer's USB port. On some computers, use the USB port on the back, as the USB port in front is sometimes weaker.

3. Control Out 110V Wall Charger

Like a USB cable, the 110V charger adapter will also fail at some point; So if it does not seem to charge, try charging it for 3 hours on your computer's USB port. If the indicator light is on during charging, the power will charge the battery.

4. Replace the pen to camera

Several spiders have switched to a photo ham or a voice tag. If you move the switch to change settings and you do not return it to the capture mode, the computer tells you that it is not known. Try moving the switch back to its original position.

5. Erase & Reformat The Spy Pen

If a spy pen appears as a removable drive on the computer, just right click on the icon and release "Format". Then check the "Quick Format" button and then click OK. The drive will be deleted and reset. This usually takes all pens that make it so far.

Use the Disc Utility to delete the disk and the format as MS DOS 32 on an Apple computer. Leave it right; On Mac, right click on the drive and select an extract. On a computer, click the green left arrow down the bottom right of the screen and then click eject to disrupt the device properly.

It's our report of "5 Ways To Get The Death Spy Work." If your pen still does not work, and you bought it from us, you have 365 days, not B.S. Replace strategy. If not, you must contact the company you received it from.

Source by Christopher Winkler

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