5 ways to get more downloads for your app

Did you make a super-fast new application? Have you tried and tested your application with some potential customers? If so, you need to be concerned about the next phase of application life; ie the start-up phase? But how do you reach the world of the cyber market and noticed the application with (about) 2 million customers who buy apps at the official stores?

There are two types of "official store" or online application platforms where users can download different types of applications. One of the App Store, which Apple or iOS devices is the official online store. The other is & # 39; Google Play & # 39; and the official online store for Android applications. But before we know how to get more downloads for our apps (or apps), it's imperative to find out how to use these apps. Knowing such methods will help you develop a marketing strategy that not only displays the app on the market, but it also helps sell us & # 39; the application, so you can get multiple installs and downloads at the end of the day.

From time to time, official storage sites occasionally announce certain applications, so when users log in to the appropriate platforms, they can see new applications or the highest-rated applications. Then rumor is another popular way through which people get to know new applications. I do not know about you, but for me applications such as Angry Birds, Candy Crush Saga, Temple Run and so on have never been exhausted until a friend showed me these amazing applications. If a word melts out of your application, a viral process starts and everyone starts to hear it, which means more downloads. Another way is through web browsing, where users usually search for search engines to search for new apps or find ads on various social networking sites.

Now that the potential user has learned about your app, you think that they will download it instantly? If that were the case, would not every developer live in the creator's heaven? Regrettably, much more is needed than potential users who think about their application to download the app. The application must be up and asked to download.

So what gives the application the wow factor? In fact it means more on the market than content itself. Content is important, but this is what the user can only know after downloading the app. So here are 5 ways to get more downloads for your app:

1. Great translated descriptions:

Descriptions are a great way to let users know what the whole app is, but what if it's a language barrier? To overcome this, try to locate the descriptions in as many countries as you can. So you can extend the number of potential users who actually understand what the entire app is. Not only that, but make sure that the description contains more keywords that will show your web searches. Finally, the description should give you all the permissions the application will need after downloading the app. Sometimes they are referred to as an app in-app purchase. Before the hand is prepared, it should be crystal clear. People hate being deceived. The last thing the user downloaded the app was deleted and deleted because it did not know they were being charged for in-app elements.

2nd Videos:

What can be better than visual aids for the app? Make a video and show your users to your apps. So they get the perfect description of what the application is. If you have extra cash, you can add mobile-specific video editors to video editing and compatibility on your smartphone screen. If possible, place these videos in regions as well, as at the end of the day you only need to capture users.

3rd Limited time offers:

Who does not like sales? I'm pretty sure everyone is. So from time to time trying to give users a limited time to bid. They may be in any form; you can release the app for a while (in order to encourage people to download and try to offer them later to your friends), grant a discount on the application from time to time, make special apps, and so on. You can do so much more and later you can advertise your app on daily business locations where you know that users know what special offers you receive for your app at the current time.

4th Professional Real Screen Screenshots:

It is said that a picture is a thousand words spoken and how true. So why not use pictures as a medium to showcase your app? But instead of using only the screen shot of apps, the better option would be to create a scene and create a normal, ordinary people's picture using the app and then adding the profile of the apps. This is even more realistic and encourages users to download the app.

5th Google Image for Google Play:

If your app is available on Google Play, make sure you do not quit this section. Many developers are willing to ignore this section, but it is important, as this is the largest area that needs to be highlighted. Be sure to use it as much as possible and use the text as tags.

All of the above steps are important, but we never forget the importance of using the word. If you can rent a PR company or get the services of a medium-sized blog, talk about your blog as this will help your reader's interest and never know that the reader can download the app tech blog. Additionally, review the application analytics from time to time to measure user behavior from the moment you download the application to the current date. So it's better to assess and evaluate the success of your app.

Lastly, try CPI exploration campaigns as often as you can to help access the application on the first list 50, as platforms typically list the top 50 applications by default, so if your app is there, it will surely attract attention.

Try implementing the above steps, and if your lady's luck is on your side, then your application will begin to pay attention and downloads for apps will also increase. Good luck!

Source by Shimon Chohen

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