5 ways hotels can use QR code

Hotel marketing can be very difficult as the competition is always tight no matter what the hotel's location is or in which country it is located. Marketing your hotel is no longer just about letters, emails, and effective sites. A very large number of hotel guests and books are done on Smartphones and Tablet PCs – these are new ways of the world.

"Age" of the single "mobile phone" that can not be connected to the internet is completed in Western Europe. Smartphone broadcasts were higher than "base engines" for the first time in the last three months and 52% of those 42m Experts, businessmen, students and employees Moms have all these high-tech communication devices. Not like old Jurassic mobile phones or worse, pagers, Smartphones can literally do all the desktop computers can. You can send email, chat, call, browse on the web, listen to good music, watch videos, create documents and spreadsheets, etc. And all these features in a machine that's just about the size of your hand.

The latest mobile marketing strategy is QR code. Abbreviated from Quick Response code, It's similar to a barcode where information or text is coded. QR code can be read when scanned by clever phone or QR bar code scanner. This type of code has made website tracking easier, as you can manage a website by scanning it only on their phone. Here are five ways how hotels can use QR code.

1. Create a guest card with QR code on. Give your customers a reference card with QR code that leads to special prizes and family businesses.

2. QR codes are new business cards. Aside from web pages, you can add federal information about QR code as well. You do not have to deliver a small piece of cards to everyone because all you need is your mobile phone. All that is required is to scan the hotel's code. Other than fast and easy, it saves a lot of paper. And nobody can apologize for losing your business card or someone else, they've lost their phone.

3. QR code rather than commercial slogan. Instead of creating traditional and sometimes old, captivating sentences, put the QR code of the hotel on shirts, public places, posters, etc. It's a new way to seduce people. For all they know, they are already on your website.

4. QR code makes using Smartphone easier. Instead of entering the contact information and the URL in the phone keypad, scanning makes it easier and easier. No wrong spelling, no wrong URLs and no fancy.

5. Mobile marketing has never been so fun. Using the latest market development for your hotel creates great significance for your prospective customers. This means that you not only follow technology, but also declare that you continue to the hotel industry.

Source by Dave L Mitchell

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