5 types of air

Organizes a new room? Before you make too many designs or decorative decisions, think about the air. Some options are:

1. Stretch fabric:

Stretch fabric ceilings give a rather dramatic effect and so tend to be occupied for large-scale events. One can become very creative with an elastic ceiling. Possible uses can range from color, material type, with the roof as a screen shot and video or photo display. Materials can be installed in a variety of ways to give the room a three-dimensional effect.

2. Tree beam:

Wooden beams on the ceiling can give all home or space a big and country feel. Beams can be independent of the air itself, hanging a bit below it, or can be connected properly. Beams can be leaned to the corner or bones, they can be rectangular and smooth, or they may look much like imperfect logs. For a very attractive look, it is always fun to have dark white beams.

3. Slanted:

Slanted ceilings are often seen in attics or what they call "judicial" style rooms. They are very attractive and give a room a very hot feeling, almost as they hug the room's contents and bring it all together, including the people in it. The downside is that they make the room a bit smaller. This is a minor issue when the air is high, but when it's low, people can often base their heads, not save as much material, etc.

4. Industrial:

It has been a little hot for some time now to have an industrial looking ceiling in a dwelling / working in buildings. This is of course moral in terms of assets such as air, warehouse, design companies and other excessive companies. The whole concept of industrial air is that everything is affected, including pipes, fans, vents, even wires, depending on the style of ownership.

5. Texture:

Textile skin is a good choice for plain paint. They add only to the room and keep it simple and relatively simple. Stucco is a popular choice among those looking for low-temperature air. Others choose patterns of any kind. This could be a thread right into the wet patch or even stuck with some kind of stencil or thick paper.

Loft can have a big impact on the room. High ceilings make the room feel bigger, skating yourself cozier, beams, rustic and industrial urban. What type of air conditioning will you choose for your new room?

Source by Tamara Jacobs

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