5 things to sign out for a new Android

Here are some cool features you can find on your new Android phone, which unfortunately requires most users of competitive smartphones to do without it. Although Android phones are not without minor problems and problems, they are also a few benefits that can make your experience both productive and fun.


Your new Android phone supports Flash, something that iOS smartphones can not. Not only is your Android smartphone with a flash player that can handle just about any type of Flash content on or offline, but it's doing well. Flash content played on Android smartphone runs fast and well in most cases and has very little delay.


Since many other smartphones still use the pop-up notification system when new messages or alerts need to appear, Android smartphones have found a much better way to notify you of important things. Instead of interfering with what you're up to with a large menu that needs to be instantly received, Android will display your smart notifications simply in a small strip at the top of your screen. To access the alert, just touch the strip and the notification menu opens. If you want to ignore the notification, you can wait patiently in the background until you're ready to pay your attention.

LED Announcement

Android smartphones also come with LED lights that will blink when something on your phone needs your attention. Some smartphones show alarm for a while, and then close the screen again if it is not retrieved. You will always know when a new message or alarm has occurred on your Android phone thanks to the LED notification light. This will save you hassle because you need to constantly check your phone, because it will be very clear to you when it's a new feature.


The screen on most Android phones is much larger than the screen on smartphones from the race. Even the iPhone 4 has only a screen size of about three and a half inches. Most Android phones come with a screen size of at least 4.3 inches.

Media Transfer

It's easy to transfer files to and from your Android phone. Instead of having to use a complicated and time-consuming unique software window, your Android phone can connect to your computer like a USB drive. Files and even all folders can be added or deleted to another or two and the complex synchronization process is part of the past. Media transfer on your new Android phone is the simplest it has been on any smartphone so far.

Source by Lexi L Davis

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