5 Smartphone Apps for Nurses

Technology is changing how we do just about everything like driving, banking and even getting prescriptions. One major change is the application we use on our Smartphone. These programs can do almost anything, and whatever you're trying to do, it's probably an application for it. So, what does this mean for nursing or those who are in medical practice? There are many programs that can be useful for any kind of nurse.

Epocrates is a very popular program for nurses. This company has many different versions available for different phones, and some are free versions. What does it do? It has a large database of over 3,500 drugs, so you can check information about the formula and any drug side effects. This app will also update regularly for all updates and see if medical news.

Nurse is one that all necessities should have. Unboud Medicine's Nursing Central has many different features, including: information from diseases and drugs, leading dictionary, research system and search engine for medical literature. This app is available for iPhone, iPod, Android phone, Windows phone and BlackBerry. The nurse costs about $ 160, but also receives a subscription per year.

ADAM Symptom Navigator is next to our list. This is a free app that is available for iPod Touch and iPhone. If you've ever used the search engine's features on Webmd, you'll know how to use this app. It is easy to use and helps you to accurately analyze the patient's condition or problems. Of course, you can use it to determine what can make you bad.

Once upon a time, paper has simply become a file that is easy to save, print and send email for faster information. Well, it's an app that takes it a step further. iChart is a program for iPhone users who can monitor patient records, information about prescription, patient feedback, and even monitor billing information. You can do this by using the included modules, iPrescribing, iLab Reports, iBilling and iNotes. The app is bringing a price though, about $ 140 for this wonderful personal medical assistant.

The last app in our list can be used by anyone, not just nurses, but in an emergency it can help your doctors a lot. In the IE program, you can put important information in one place so emergency and healthcare professionals can quickly find out who you are and what's in your emergency situations. The application allows you to create custom labels so you can insert information like your immediate family, medicines you are allergic to, or allergies to medicines you may have or any conditions you may like diabetes, Alzheimer's disease & # 39; s, heart disease or asthma. As mentioned before, this is a great app for everyone and everyone. Nurses can use it to check information about patients who may be unconscious or being too hurt to respond.

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