5 programs to make your Android Smartphone even better

Smartphones have become such a complicated part of our lives spending even an hour without looking at a magnificent display might seem like an inescapable task.

We have a small and powerful personal computer that keeps us up to date with all personal and professional news and enables us to do our work on the go.

The Google Play Store has many options for almost all the needs you'll find when using your indispensable Android phone. (I intentionally use the phrase "the need you discover." Who would have thought that someone would ever have Yelp until it came to the scene?)

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It's been a while since I'm an Android user and below are not very common (except Evernote) applications, but could be very useful for all Android smartphone users.

  • Duplicate Photos Fixer:

Copy Photos Fixer is one of the easiest ways to organize a photo gallery.

It's a great application that lets you detect and delete copies of your Android device.

After scanning your phone, the tool automatically categorizes all duplicate images in groups (each group has the same photographs) and allows you to preview and delete these images.

It is an "Auto-Mark" option that automatically means all backup images (except one in each group) to delete and allow you to remove them at once. By not marking one image of each group, the program restores the original image and deletes all of its copies.

Copy Photos Fixer supports both internal and external memory storage.

  • Copy Contact Remover:

Over time, your phone's address book lists a lot of hundreds of half-books or duplicate contacts, which make a little more than scratch your address book.

Copy Contacts Removal is a great tool that allows you to detect duplicate, invisible or empty contacts. With the help of this contact management tool, you can effortlessly improve and organize your address book.

  • Right backup anywhere:

As the name suggests, Instant Backup takes a backup of your Android smartphone, so if you lose access, you can restore any backup of your phone to another device or computer. [19659002] Once you've backed up, you can access the backups on your computer or other smartphones. All you need is just an internet connection.

Right backups can be evaluated by application or with the help of any web browser, which gives you a very flexible way to access files that are on the go and keep them safe from accidental. In addition, you keep all files safe in clouds without the risk of data theft as data is on encrypted servers.

Designed with user-defined features, you can also share all files with your friends and family. [19659002]

  • Evernote:

Evernote provides a modern way to write, edit and save all comments, checklists and research. It allows you to organize web articles, documents and images online.

While signing in to the application, you must greet with monthly limited space that you can use to load a worksheet or checklist. You can create and organize to do lists, checklists and laptops. It also allows you to attach Office documents, PDF documents and even images.

The application can discuss notes, share laptops with your team and even create features or objects.

The best part is cloudy service. You only need to create an account and all your comments will be automatically synchronized to any device you sign in to your Evernote account.

  • Photo Noise Reduce Pro :

Everyone wants a spectacular camera for his or her Android smartphone. But what size camera camera, which is responsible for taking the light and shaping the image as we see it, can you put in a small and thin body of pocket-sized smartphones? Not as big as DSLR, right? And thus, even though this camera can finish great daylight images, the color images are far from perfect. Using a flash often results in annoying little speckles or corners called noise.

Photo Noise Reduction Pro is a quick fix for such granular images. With one tap, it fixes any noisy image with a magnificent look without sacrificing the detail of the image.

With three noise reduction devices, ie. Light, Medium and Custom, you can remove the grain of their importance on a particular photo.

Before saving, you can preview the corrected image as compared to the original. A slider named "Smooth & # 39; is also available to clean up the remaining items. The app has a built-in camera where you can click on a photo and correct its noise immediately.

These are the apps I will keep on the phone for the coming time. I hope you also find these programs useful and productive.

Source by Ankit Pareek

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