5 Must-Have Apps for iPhone

iPhone revolutionized mobile technology. No longer needs a phone, a PSP, and an iPod that picks them in pockets or pits them. Now you just need the smooth and stylish Apple iPhone!

Not only is iPhone compatible with all the needs in a single device, but pure genius, that is, the applications!

Applications exploded over the past 18 months and are eager to be an application developer waiting to enter the gold medal.

I recently read about a developer of a simple app app for app that sold 1 million sales and $ 1000 net worth a year.

In the second phase of the newly launched gold hat for the newly released iPad, developers strive to assess the worst applications in cash and help the end-user.

We've looked at what's on the market and has compiled your favorite 5 apps to check and download:

5 is the
New Released Skype app. This might be huge and attracted more than 5,000,000 downloads a week. Skype claims to approach CD-quality sound through skype to skype calling more than 3g. Currently free, this can change very soon.

4 on the awesome print and share app. This allows you to print files, web pages, contacts, emails, and camera images directly to your home printer. It works like a dream!

In 3rd place
Real tournament. A really good track racing car. Extremely addictive – perfect for a few hours of killing!

The second proximity to the angry birds. It was incredibly close to being my top application. Fun, easy to play and graphics are awesome. Probably the best game in this genre since the worms or Lemmings played at Commodore Amiga!

And my # 1 application
Textfree is unlimited, allowing text messages with push technology. This is fantastic for high-frequency SMS senders with high price plans!

But do not accept my word, go and download them and judge for yourself.

Source by Daniel Lo

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