5 Mac security tip you can not live with

So you bought a new Macintosh and now you can think about how to make it safer. There are some things you can do to protect your Mac from viruses and hackers. Macs are already very difficult to exploit, but do not let this fact make it conscientious about security.

first Download all available software updates. This seems like a non-brainer, but some Mac users are forgetting to download the latest updates. You can also set your computer to automatically download new updates. However, some phone users experience problems when downloading updates. If you are a dial-up user, then the best suggestion is to leave and download Mac from one day to the next. Apple issues programs that fix bugs in iLife applications and Mac OS X. Updates are the most important security updates. Apple periodically recommends security updates for operating systems (Panther and Tiger).

2nd Be careful what you are downloading. Some people use P2P downloads for Macintosh (IE Poisoned). Be careful when using P2P because you do not know where the music or file comes from. Some P2P users specifically send damaged files via music playback programs. It's usually a good idea to stick to iTunes, because these files are protected by ACC and are offered through Apple, so you definitely have no viruses.

3rd Choose the best and safest Internet browser. Safari is standard for all new Macs as part of iLife. However, some people do not enjoy Safari as others. Some say that Safari is not as safe as hackers, like other browsers. Safari may also be a problem if you point to a Web site that requires Internet Explorer or Netscape. You can download Internet Explorer and Netscape for Mac, but some people believe that these browsers are not as secure against hackers. Many people believe that Mozilla Firefox (my personal favorite) is the safest browser you can use because of its customizable features. Firefox can be downloaded on your Macintosh.

4th Do not be afraid to buy antivirus software. If you need to download files from the Internet as part of a work or hobby, it is probably a good idea to have some anti-virus software on your Macintosh computer. Apple offers a wide range of anti-virus software that is constantly being updated.

5th Finally, listen to these email attachments and instant messages. Some hackers have programmed viruses from one of our friends, screen names. Do not click on any link without knowing what's first. Most e-mail providers automatically use the virus scans, but always have to pay special attention when downloading attachments. If you do not know, do not trust it.

Apple computers are very safe against hackers, but they can always be repaired. Keeping your computer safe and running properly requires a lot of time and energy. Do not forget that if your computer is safe, Apple's experience will be much more useful.

Source by Paulo Fretowski

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