5 Key Features to Be Considered in the Future Smartphones

Smartphones are the most common things now. They are very different from so-called mobile phones. As the name suggests, they are much better than the mobile phones. These are practical tools that each uses as a communication device with friends and relatives. Earlier, the phones were simply used to call. But now with advances in technology phones are used for many uses. A simple smartphone is now loaded with many applications, cameras and, of course, key actions.

The future mobile phones are expected to have certain features that will make the phones even more powerful. The qualities that can lead to them are –

1. Increased Reality – This is something that gives us more information by combining the computer data so that we have a real life experience of what we see. It will give you all the relevant information by using the camera phone. The augmented reality of apps currently available now uses GPS to provide information. But now it has limited recognition of accuracy that is expected to increase over the next few years.

2. Flexible Monitors – There may be time when you can resize the screen according to your needs. Let's say you want to play a game or watch a video you can do by folding up and looking up portable screen size. This can be done with the help of organic fiber-optic diode (OLED) technology.

3. Built-in projectors – not just the display, we hope you can show movies to a friend and family by displaying the display at the appropriate location. This has the greatest chance of changing the TV that is used as a console.

4. Seamless Voice Controls – Although voice management has been in previous phones, the voice analysis was the best. In subsequent years it is assumed that there is seamless voice control that could interact with the next level.

5. 3D screenshots and holograms-Many of the smartphones have high-definition cameras that offer sharper resolution than human eyes. Still, our thirst for a good picture is not over. The companies are thus moving their focus from 2D smartphones to 3D smartphones. Next to this route are likely to be holographic predictions. This allows you to create your photos depending on the size you want to remove unnecessary items.

We assume you're already excited to think about it. Imagine what you would do if you get all these features on your handsfree smartphone. Is not the idea awesome? Yes, that's definitely. All you have to do now is hold your breath and wait for awesome features to come to the market.

Source by Aman Tumukur Khanna

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