5 Hot Productivity iPhone Apps – Review

Many iPhone Apps come out these days are not worthwhile to really benefit from our daily lives or business. I wanted to introduce you to the 5 hot productivity iPhone Apps that any busy person would find helpful.

According to sites that track App Statistics, 599 new applications that are not played on computer are submitted every day. Many rehashing previously developed Apps. Some better versions, some not.

The current average price for Apps is $ 1.97 and at this price which does not have a lot? Everything from a lighter image to holding an internal concert (where there are indoor fire songs) to bank apps that help us check daily balance.

I wanted to share some iPhone applications that I find help busy people to be organized, affiliated and productive.

1. Air Sharing – This is listed as "The Most Powerful Way to View Your Documents on the Move " and costs $ 6.99 to $ 9.99 (Update Last: 12/20/2011) It's a new feature: iKeepinCloud server service allows you to open Apple computer applications on your iPhone. How good is that? 3.5 Star Rating

2. eWallet Password Manager and Secure Storage Data Base . This app stores, passwords, bank details, health information or IDs on a strong 256-bit AES encryption and stores everything you have information about safe. This app costs $ 9.99 (Last updated: 08/13/2011) Awesome vision to show credit card information. I think you will use this with reassurance. 5 Star Rating

3. DUE – " Super Fast Reminders, Renewable Egg Timer " Great to jot down things you want to remember (like taking the dog out) meeting or appointment and set a warning to remind you. A new version will also relate to family / friends to remind them of lunches or appointments. $ 4.99 make this virtual assistant very affordable. 4.5 Star Rating

4. My Measurements and Pro Size This app is a great time saver for individuals to rebuild, update or just make simple environmental projects. There are so many users for this program, it's no wonder it's App Store Personal Favorites . At $ 5.99 you'll wonder how you ever did without this. 5 Star Rating

5. And last but not least … Droid Light – customizable flashlight for iPhone Last updated on 01/192012, the Droid flashlight is listed as " fastest, brightest and most reliable light ever . "It has a direct LED flashlight and Morse Code feature that will flash – SOS, if you're always stranded! You can actually enter any text message and it will change it to the Morse Code. Unbelievable! And ready for this? It is FREE 5 Star Rating

Source by Deborah J Seelbach

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