5 free ways to improve your Google Local Google Local Google profile

first Get the opinions (from real customers)

Aim to get an overview of happy customers daily. Would like to conduct more evaluations than local competitions (think 10: 1 ratio). If the other guy has 2, he must be 20. This will position you as a clean local leader in the minds of potential customers.

2nd Add Photos and Videos

Upload the maximum number of photos and YouTube videos, including the company logo. Use photographs of your staff, office / business, and some personal recordings to get your profile feeling human. Videos can include a tour of the facility or simple tips that are usually useful.

3rd Include Keywords in Business Descriptions and Company Name

When entering a company name and describing a company's offer, you must include the popular keywords used by potential customers. Keyword popularity is located at google.com/sktool . Do not change your business name, but add some relevant keywords …

WRONG: Javier

RIGHT: Javier Mexican Restaurant

4. Add Coupon

Google offers printable coupon features for your business profile. Offer a valid limited offer only. Keep in mind that this "painfully low discount" is just a one-time loss-making leader, aiming for new customers to sample their services.

5th Creating links to your local profile

Creating links to your Google Local Profile page from your site, YouTube page, articles, forum posts, blogs, etc.

The same tips apply to Yahoo Local and Yahoo Local Bing Local so you have something to do!

Source by C. Anthony Curtis

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