5 fantastic iPhone chargers

Apple iPhones connects with us music and videos and keeps us, regardless of location and time. But do not forget that the iPhone experience is just as good as the battery life of your phone.

The "low-battery first sign" sign on the iPhone, we all think that we can find the iPhone charger to refresh the juice again. So here are the five most important iPhone chargers that keep the iPhone and go and go …

1. BeamBox MiLi Power Pack
The BeamBox MiLi Power Pack provides a good look and feel for battery life during its lifetime. This sleek and lightweight charger allows iPhone to work up to 16 hours.

MiLi has not loaded the huge potential for chargers available on other markets, but at $ 70, it's certainly a good solution for the portable charger.

2. Belkin TuneCast Auto
Belkin TuneCast Auto is equipped with a technology that can recharge your music on the car's stereo system.

Transmission is automatically performed at the best frequency that the iPhone charger answers. Connect the small Belkin TuneCast Auto, available for $ 79.99 for the iPhone, and enjoy your favorite melodies during the drive.

3. Griffin PowerDock 4
Griffin PowerDock 4 is a solid product (like most Griffin products). The charger has an aluminum base that provides a safe space for the workplace or the car inside. With the four charging slots, this charger will never leave you or your friends for a lifetime of battery life for $ 79.99 (a little expensive).

4. Powermat Wireless Carpet Rug
If you want to use a cordless charger without a cable, then the Powermat wireless carpet is what you want. This new age-enhancing and advanced technology can help iPhone charging through a special magnetic pushbutton.

5. Solio Solar Chargers
Solio Solar Chargers Green & and appeal to those who want to use solar charging. The power of the sun is used by charging the phone by saving the power you use. This is created in situations where you can not find a charger.

With iPhone Chargers, Apple iPhone will not stay alive to entertain you. It is also enough fruit juice to help you stay connected with the near and dear ones.

Source by Gary Hendricks

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