5 Digital marketing mistakes you're committed to, you're back

There is also a need to look at what's going on in the face of things. It is essential not to deceive you into believing that you are on the right track and wasting money without having to make a return.

If you know you do not know something, then you'll know. But if you do not know you do not know, such a situation is risky. Here is a list of my site to be aware of some of the unnoticeable mistakes that can be made in digital marketing.

1. Instead of solving this problem, the promotion is:
The picking up of your own drum is something that does not go well with Internet customers looking at all products / services. The promotional information is constantly bombarded, you do not want to do the same and lose it in the crowd.

Do not be proud of how good your product / service is, tell them how to help solve problems. They came to your site or ad, they came to the solution, gave them this and hit the bulls.

While it's expedient to get results to get results, it's even more likely to appear as a "customer user" instead of the "self-i" attitude. How? Show customer recommendations! And think about your audience by solving the problem with existing customers, then they too. They are customer focused, represent their products / services as solutions and view the magic.

2. Strongly relying on any marketing channel:
This error would not only affect your digital marketing budget, but could reverse your revenue. You can use a number of strategies through your experience, from which you can say that one or two worked the best.

And the digital marketing mantra is that one has to make maximum effort to do what works best; too many refer to this mantra, it may be dangerous. What if that channel is suddenly ineffective? What if the ecological traffic we are so proud of is falling overnight, thanks to unannounced upgrades?

Such a downturn would seriously damage your earnings. Therefore, resist the temptation to pour all the effort into one channel and build a robust, well-rounded multi-channel marketing strategy.

3. Ignoring Some Marketing Channels:
This point is similar to the above point, but it differs from the way you use every channel when the time is right for your business. It is understandable that some channels, such as Pay-per-click is at the center of attention, but you should not overlook the other seemingly low channels.

Although it is important to use high-ROI channels initially, later on, involvement in others should be the marketing strategy goal. Invest in the right efforts in SEO, no matter how time consuming. Six months down the line when search engines start repaying the relevant traffic, we thank you for doing so.

Go to Society; call his name here. But carefully select your community channels. LinkedIn and Twitter work best for B2B, and accused Facebook is the go-to channel for B2Cs. As you progress, drop email marketing into the marketing mix, you will be surprised with its potential.

4. Assigning No Number to Campaign Goals:
"It's Not That Essential", You Think! Well … we usually get into advanced things and forget the basics most often. So you can set measurable goals for your campaigns. Say, you want to increase the number of leads you have created for your company, target + 20% in a given month and work with it.

Do not just say I want to increase leaders – that's just my wish. If you set goals for numbers, then you will be able to calculate your efforts, otherwise you will move every step without moving forward.

Also remember to invest money in their efforts; the person executing the campaign will not be released. Additionally, if you invest money into paid marketing, determining measurable goals is not a sure catastrophe recipe.

5. Poor Data Interpretation:
If you've ever seen the analytics dashboard, you'll see how it displays different traffic channels, such as organic, direct, paid, insights, etc. Now, direct traffic interprets people, the URL and the arrival.

However, you need to make sure that direct sales figures are not internal staff. Ignoring this will result in dilution of the data and incorrect interpretation of the data.

Additionally, choosing the wrong metric to determine the data may be catastrophic. For example, if you have a high visibility page & # 39; or "average visit time", you may feel that your customer is spending more time on the site where the reality is that visitors will not find what they are looking for.

In summary, the above 5 points are not about the tips and trick of digital marketing, but rather about the core. If you avoid these, you can do any campaign on a rock while taking the maximum bum for your bonus.

Source by Meghna Wani

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