5 Best iPhone Apps for Choosing a Restaurant

A long time ago, before iPhones, if you and your friends wanted to go out to dinner, you should discuss a whole rite. You should call someone else on your "stupid" phone, have a whole conversation about who's hungry for what, then call each one back with the suggestions of the restaurant. Then you want to call each other with competitive suggestions based on price, proximity, etc. Finally, everyone would be in harmony with your common phone, still in your hands and realizing that you were there.

Now, "There is a program for it." You are looking for placements, prices, cuisine, and even good nutrition choices using your iPhone and getting down to record time.

So what's the best app to find a place? Depending on what you want. Here is a quick menu:

Restaurant Finder (Free) – Perfect for tourists, Restaurant Finder allows you to enter the cuisine you want and the city / zip code or location and returns to the following restaurants. What you're hungry for, displays the address, phone number, and URL, if available. It also gives you a good weather forecast so you know when "nearer is better".

Find a restaurant (.99) – This handy app goes Restaurant Finder one better; it tells you your current location with GPS. Look for cuisine, giving you local restaurants complete with phone number, GPS location, location and driving directions (but no weather). (19459002)

Urbanspoon (Free) – This is an app from Apple ads with "slotbox" randomization Features to add a little entertainment to your search. Of course, you can also filter the choices by cuisine, price or location. Urbanspoon also includes access to ratings and reviews and "friendship" features to add touch social networks … but it's not Yelp.

Yelp (Free) – Yelp is not a Jump on a social networking bandwagon; It's a real deal. That's because Yelp is a website first and second app (which is both good and bad – but more about it in a moment). With Yelp you're looking for a restaurant, bar, club or other business similar to other restaurants to find apps, or just enter the name of food (e.g., "Peking Duck") and Yelp finds a place for you. You can post comments and reviews (though you must visit the Yelp page to display – hence "good and bad" comments above.) With the check-in feature, you and your friends can track where else . Do not be afraid: Enrollment is volunteer, so if your former stalker is back you are safe. View the same place often enough, and Yelp decides you're regular. Some users complain about outdated / inaccurate information; great holding a party roll.

Where to eat (2.99) – Other GPS places for food. But WTE has some features that just perceive. Search for food or a particular type of food, and there are separate categories for bars, delivery and delivery. Emphasis on leading experience; Typing is optional. Shake-to-Suggest shuffle works on the same principle as "slot machines" Urbanspoon.

What if your interest expands in depth rather than wide? View Sushipedia (free) for scads of sushi knowledge, and of course, a database of places to buy it. And if you're monitoring your weight, click the Loss or Nutrition menu when you arrive at a calorie number and more. Fortunately, your friends do not tell you you are childless.

Source by Darla Blackmon

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