5 best financial applications for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

If you're an iPhone owner, you'll likely have hundreds of phones with you and you will receive more monthly AT & T accounts during your two-year contract. There are two ways to handle this:

1) Tell yourself that the cost is well worth it. The value of all entertainment and utilities is just what you can not pay for.

2) Be proactive and prove cost is worth it. Using the new iPhone, you can save money and recover your costs by saving the charges, interest rates, and financial steps in every other area of ​​your life.

If the litter is inclined, here are the 5 best iPhone apps for handling money.

Mint.com Personal Finance from Mint.com (free): Sign up at Mint.com and release the iPhone app; Egypt, just download it from the App Store. The Mint uses one of your daily cash management accounts in one application: bank accounts, home and car loans, credit cards, IRAs, you call it. It does not just track them; keep your codes so you can make payments or transfers. You can also use the budget. There is no spouse control function; technology does not yet exist. But for everything else, the Mint covers its everyday finances.

Bloomberg Mobile from Bloomberg (free): Apple has given a wave of "stock" applications to the operating system. They also crawl Macpaint, but found someone else in Photoshop. The big boys are here. Basically, this is a Bloomberg terminal on the iPhone. Financial news, stock tracking, Bloomberg's global analysis, dropouts, leaders – everything that stock market applications need to be the market leader in the morning and before the last embezzlement.

PayPal from Paypal.com (free): Since its Mint function is to get all the money on your phone and manage your financial accounts, PayPal's mission is the same as your website: just translate money for those and zeros and buy things electronically. PayPal provides mobile access to your PayPal account. This is a handy way to always get an electronic wallet online and (occasionally) on-site purchases. But now enter the deck; this is just a matter of time before the PayPal logo appears on the local pizza bar door.

Billminder at return-7 LLC ($ 0.99): Finance 101: things are paid in time and do not pay late fees. This is a basic thing and Billminder is a basic application. It keeps your billing calendar, tracks the amount of different bills that migrate every month, remembers which ones have been paid and not paid, and gives warnings. Export to Excel, Pocketmoney, bla bla bla. Bottom line: you forgot. It is not.

Pocket Money Catamount ($ 4.99): This is like a mint, but without a link. Without this, without the passcodes, and before a battered speculation, a toddler gets tired of hacking HALO knockoff and launching a second mortgage without it. Tracking accounts, at a glance, to show you how to blow your family budget, all from your private phone's privacy. Have you ever really trusted in e-money? Pocket Money keeps track of all your financial information and then adds it.

If you have a special need on the Internet or the App Store. Want to find ATMs or guess the summit at dinner? These applications are legions. Some banks, such as Bank of America, also offer enterprise-specific applications. But we treat ourselves to the best kind above. Thanks for your balance.

Source by Barbara Mae

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