4 tips to improve the flat tire

Sooner or later he goes out to his car and low, and behold, you have a flat. Most of the time there will be no place where change can be realistic. What are you doing then? If you're ready, you'll be able to handle it.

Preparedness means you anticipated the problem and you plan to go. This is usually not the case. Most people do not even check their reserves to make sure it is broadcast and usable.

Tip 1: Emergency tire repair kits

Get ready for your local auto parts store and see the range of emergency tire repair kit. There are some things we need to keep in mind.

  • If you have a reliable car then you will have a tire sensor that tells you if the tire is low. They are great. The sensor will alert you when the tire pressure is applied.
  • Unfortunately, if you park and the engine is down when the tire starts to leak, then it will not be good.
  • When selecting a tire repair kit or tire repair kit, make sure that the product you are trying to purchase is a tire sensor. You can not use the car to temporarily secure the tire. Keep in mind that these quick fixes are only temporary. After he starts, he has to go to a tire shop and keep the tire permanently fixed.

2nd Tip Donut Spare

If you have a "donut", you remember these temporary ones too.

  • Generally, you must not drive more than 50 miles. Check your recommendations in this manual.
  • You will probably find that it does not exceed 45-50 miles per hour. Again, check your manual.

Tip # 3 Know the car

If you have not replaced a tire on your car, make sure you've met your car manually.

  • Make sure you know how to position the socket on all four tires. These places may change, so check them first.
  • Make sure you know how to use the socket. There are many different sockets, so check your first time.
  • I'm trying to figure out how to work on the podium and where to put it if you have a flat, it only causes frustration.

Tip # 4 Things to Keep in the Car

Just a tip under all circumstances:

· Keep a pair of gloves in the car.

· Hold a towel in the car.

· Keep gardeners knees in the car.

· Keep a full length apron in your car.

You will find that these things will be useful. When you're ready, you can be on the go in a few minutes and you will not ruin your clothes in the process.

Source by Robert Joe Wallace

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