3G Apple iPod Touch – the latest type

The latest type of Apple iPod touch is a great upgrade from the 2nd generation model. It comes with the latest 3.1 software when installed when you buy it. The Apple iPod Touch 3 generation is very thin and light and comes in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB. They are good at listening to music, watching videos, surfing online, playing games and much more. They weigh 8 ounces and can fit well in your pocket or handbag and you would not notice being there.

The new iPod is faster. It has better graphics with 480 x 320 pixel screen resolution, faster processor that enables applications to work better, faster web browsers (Safari) surfboards on the web faster thanks to the new and better 3G network that allows web pages to load much faster. It also comes with the latest frame.

Best of all voice control. Yes, I told a voice controller that you can tell me what to do. This feature is good for when you are on the go; say you're jogging and sounds that you do not like or the one you love begins to play. You can simply say next, stop or repeat and the sound will automatically stop, skip or play again and you do not even need to touch it. I just love technology. A free microphone + remote control is built with earphones for 32GB / 64GB Apple iPod touch but not 8GB.

The latest model of the Apple iPod Touch has a wide range of applications (applications) that can help you when you're looking for someone where they live, email, phone number. All your contact information can be synchronized from your computer or MAC to the Apple iPod Touch. Because applications help you write notes. You can also send them to you or friends using the Apple iPod touch embedded email system, check the weather in your area or across the globe, store, finance, forex and so much more. They are over 15000 app available on the App Store.

Having a new ipod touch is like having a portable little great computer. It's a great partner when you're on the move or when you want to relax. You can accessorize it by purchasing different skins, cases, covers and so much more.

Source by Jeremy Samuel

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