3D mobile phone – future mobile phone technology

One thing is certain that mobile phone technology; Its development could be infinite, as manufacturers will never run out of new ideas to make the latest handsets work faster and easier to use. The modern smartphone is a good example of this, full of latest applications, running on increasingly sophisticated operating systems all with the aim of reaching a consumer eye.

There has been one technology banded around mobile stores worldwide for the past 12 months "3D screen enabled handset" 12 months ago it was just rumor but now it's no longer! As the future of the smartphone will definitely have a 3D user interface added when a long list of features. Apparently LG be a manufacturer with a handset almost launched.

LG is not giving full package analyzes but they point out to have improved the crossroads problem (well, the moment your neighbor could see everything you write and look at your phone). The added parallax barrier is the flavor they have used here. But one company that has been remarkable to get it right on the parallax barrier is a Samsung 3D mobile phone. Ask if LG will smoke out Samsung on this aspect. Sharp 3D mobile phones also landed on the market while back, and I have to say it was a breakthrough for Sharp; They were even impressed when their 3D idea on Nintendo played it big in the market.

So are 3D mobile phones what should be on my list? But I have a problem in line with developments; especially when all the concept of 3D technology on movies and games is still settling in the head. Everything Optimus 2x The idea is with the head in the cloud when I'm exactly understanding Optimus is the autobot superhero of the Transformers movies.

But one thing is certain; To get your hands on a 3D mobile phone like LG Optimus, you'll spend a lot of money, since all new technology is highly priced when available first. Do not pretend it's all technology, when the 3D handset has been around for a while, technology will be as common as cameras are on mobile today and the price of PAYG, a simple and paid monthly contract will fall to more affordable levels.

Source by Darren J Wall

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