& # 39; WordBall & # 39; Play for iPhone Review

Welcome to WordBall, a new word hall game that brings fresh change to the genre. Use letters to make words, the larger and longer the word, the more points you get (eg Scrabble). The fun part? The game shows the letters in a really attractive way. You see bullets of different colors bump on the screen side where the letters are written. Read the full review of WordBall below.


As I mentioned earlier, WordBall is a unique snooping game with three fantastic gameplay modes, each with different difficulty and different speed when the ball shrinks. Three modes: Classic mode, Frenzy mode, and Sprint mode. In classic mode, 26 leaves occur and shrink at normal speed. Frenzy mode jumps here and there and are smaller, but faster. In Sprint mode, you get 9 letters, making it the most difficult game mode! The purpose of each game mode is to reach the score in the top left corner of the screen before all the balls shrink and disappear when this happens, then the "Wild Game!" When you reach the target, you will go to the next level. You can not enter the same word several times on a single level and only words in the dictionary can be accepted.


WordBall controls are very simple, this is thought and word formation that is a tough part. All you have to do is tap the moving balls to select the letter of the word, tap the others and write a full word. If you accidentally touch a letter you did not want, just hit & # 39; undo & # 39; at the bottom of the screen. If you are sure that the combination of letters is a real word you have not used before, hit the bottom right corner to send the word, and if it's a real word you have not used before, you're looking for points.


WordBall supports Retina Display, and it does so remarkably. The surface is very attractive and simply beautiful. Each of the balls is another bright, vibrant color and creating an in-game environment is a very fun game!


Background music is one of the best features of WordBall. In the background, you play fantastic music that makes WordBall more entertaining.


WordBall costs only $ 0.99 in the App Store, which is quite cheap because it is a good feature of a trivial game of a word!


With wonderful sound, attractive graphics, fun and attractive gameplay, play WordBall until the battery drains.


WordBall is one of the best word-of-mouth games I have ever played and I recommend all apprentices to get it. It only costs one dollar, has fantastic graphics, fun and unique gameplay, easy controls, and great fun!

Final Rating 5/5

Source by Aaron B Whitfield

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