3 Ways, you can use a smart phone and look bigger than you are

An enterprise needs resources, but a new business may be low due to the financial resources of a bigger company. For this reason, business has to do things differently and there are a few things you can do to make your business bigger than it actually is. You do not need people to know you're working at home. There is no need for people to think that they can not afford a phone line. People can easily and quickly contact you wherever you are. All you need is a smart phone and follow the tips listed below.

Get 1300 or 1800 When people see number 1300 or 1800, they generally think they're dealing with a large company – bigger than a one-man operation. This is not necessarily the case. The 1300 number must be sent to the destination. If you really want to, this can be mobile. Nobody else needs to know. As long as it sounds professional when you answer your phone and have a professional loud voicemail you have no disadvantage to respond to the 1300 or 1800 on smartphones.

The smart phone is like a mobile office The smart phone is more than just a call and e-mail. A smart phone is a business enhancement tool. You can write and edit documents when you are on the go, you can immediately bill your customers. I often write articles while I'm in the gym, and there is much more to do during the day, especially when I compare my productivity before getting a smart phone. You can also send your clients by email and access the internet without a drama from the phone.

The proper schedule means that there is no need for a wired network. The increasingly competitive mobile industry means plans are getting better and better. There are a variety of plans that mean you pay a fixed amount each month for calls with a large amount of attached calls. Now there are planned plans that have unlimited calls. If you place a private or non-displayed number, you can make all your outgoing calls from your mobile. There is no need for a wired line.

With the smart phone and the tips above, you can increase your business's appearance.

Source by Hamish Jones

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