3 Ways to Spot an Opportunity

When applying the law of attraction and other universal laws to create the desires of our heart, then we have to be good at exploring the potential.

The universe will always show us our next steps through an opportunity or an idea. What I see again and again with entrepreneurs does not mean the opportunity when it comes up. This is the next step and you do not see it, so do not say yes. Then they begin to rotate the wheels and get jammed. In today's article, I share how to recognize the opportunity and what kind of thinking needs to be present to see the opportunity.

First, we need to resolve the thinking that must accompany the opportunity. The solution you are asking lies at a different level than the problem. Therefore, you need to raise your thinking and there before you are around emotions and energy. You must begin to confirm that the universe will show the next step and be open to receive .

Bet on the problem.

Most people unconsciously do not feel good enough. There they block the opportunity to get there. The subconscious mind is running in the ship, and they only see things around them that fit their current mindset, that is, the mind of the subconscious.

So you have to dig it and see what you think deeply. Most people do not want to go there because they are painful. But your dreams lie on the other side of this work. After you deal with what is happening, you can work for yourself by creating new and empowered beliefs. Which led to fruitful results and lifestyle changes.

Begin to confirm what you want to believe in yourself and combine with an experience that seems wonderful to you. This is a quick way to link the state you want to feel about the new faith. It is about how it feels like with the thought.

Second, be aware of all that comes to you. Sometimes it's so easy for people not to notice it. Be careful to connect everything and come to your consciousness as the gifts of the universe because they are. This will help you to be grateful for the display of small things as well. This will make you feel grateful. Another day, a client did not notice that the person he had discussed a conversation with in a store wanted to show him exactly. Start seeing it because the universe shows you the opportunity.

Third, the gifts of the universe come from an idea or an opportunity. Put this down. The idea means that an idea comes to you literally. This is your consciousness. Do not forget that a universe is feeling and we are connected consciously. There is a trick to this. Ideas that are silent in the mind and are repetitive. It's not loud and unbridled, which is the ego. This is when there is constant thinking behind the mind. We will forget it for a while, and it will come back as if we always think of a person we need to find out. This is the next step. He's coming to the person. It's good to recognize these ideas and say yes to them, but through the idea. Ideas can be lit by conversations with other people or with visual signals. This is the moment of light bulb. Do not let the ego speak out of it and follow the road, even if it involves itself and is a bit scary. It goes back to the thinking piece that is needed to take action.

Opportunity happens through people. Some example; someone can invite you to an event, show someone, or simply give you the option. Here is the most important thing …


His unconscious mind tries to talk to him to go and give every excuse in the book not to go. Because new things do not feel safe and want to keep you safe. You just have to re-run it to show that these experiences are really safe and that it's okay.

Keep it OK! Go to this event or call this person. You can do it. Yet, this will return to thinking. It will be less frightening and you will find that while you say yes, the universe will also support you in how you will do this. Deciding for the first time, the universe ensures that the second.

Source by Chris Atley

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