3 must have essential oils to calm your pet

The reason that I love the animals so much is that they bring happiness, innocence and unconditional love of the people. Our pets are just as happy to be part of our home because we are having them with us.

But sometimes the animals come into our life, which is a little "out there!"

For example, the dog who has troubled fear of rain and will not for his life go beyond the potty of a rain shower. Or the cat that includes an hour when a friend comes over. Or what about the dog with an attachment problem that destroys the house while you're at work? Some of these sounds are familiar?

My cat, Sammie and Max, love hanging out on a screened terrace.

It may be a little crazy for us, but whatever your fear or dirt is, they are quite legitimate in their minds.

Using essential oils on your animals can really take the edge of their anxiety, a big time!

Because of the increased sense of the animal, they react very well to essential oils. In nature, the animals eat special plants to cure themselves. In prison (our home), the plant state is not accessible.

The three best essential oils to calm your pet are:


Roman Chamomile

Peace and Calming® (Mix from Young Living)

These essential oils can be used to support the animal; fear of rain and thunder, separation disturbance, hyperactivity, trauma / abuse, depression, illness, visits to the veterinary office, the loss of other family animals, and other conditions that cause great stress to your beast, 19659002] When using essential oils for animals Remember, less is more because animals are very sensitive to essential oil.

It is also best to dilute essential oil with a carrier oil like an olive oil with animals. I recommend one part of essential oils in 1 part of oil for all animals, with the exception of cats. The dilution ratio for cats is 1 part of essential oils in 10 parts carrier oil.

Caution should be taken with cats!

All essential oils mentioned in this article are safe for dogs and horses. ; cats are different story! Cats are very sensitive to essential oils containing phenols, such as oregano and thyme. Cats can not effectively metabolize phenol because they lack enzymes in their liver to digest phenols. Avoid Peace & Calming® essential oil blend on your cat, as it contains phenol.

How to use essential oil on dogs, horses and cats:

For calming dogs:

Mix 1 drop of Lavender, Roman Chamomile or Peace & Calming® essential oil with 1 drop of carrier oil. Massage this mixture on pillows, ears or combs with their dogs through the skin.

For calming horses:

Mix 1 drop of perfume, Roman chamomile or Peace & Calming® essential oil with 1 drop of carrier oil. Rub this mix on the muzzle of the horse, ears or cornet bands.

For Calming Cats:

Mix 1 drop of Lavender or Roman Chamomile Essential Oil with 10 drops of oil. Rub this mixture on the pads, ears or comb with the cat through the skin. Apply when your cat is stressed.

By the way, the essential oils in this article are also good at reducing your worries too! Dilution is not required in humans. Use only drops or two on your wrists, shoulders or behind your ears.

And next time you open a bottle of essential oil, share with your friends! They will thank you!

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