3 Most Common Mistakes in Creating a Real Recovery

Have you enjoyed using your first retreat and connecting with your tribe? If yes, you could contact any of the things I share below. If not, these tips can help you find peace and enjoy returning.

Virtual Retreats are a powerful way to share your messages with more people, peace and well-being. If you're new to virtual retreats, you can evaluate the three most common mistakes people make when creating their first real retreat.

1) Workshop or Webinar

So often we assume what we know. We might have come out of business and apply for a corporate version of retreat. We may become familiar with webinars as a way to share online or workshops as a way to share a country. A company is all about the information and the work, but the web site often emphasizes sales and business. With each of these, energy, tone and speed are inconsistent with retreat, renewal and deep connection.

#YINBiz Tip: Keep the focus on transformation. Choose to plan to be over the action.

2) Over Planning

Whether you are familiar with corporate retreat, the belief that you must keep people busy or fear not giving enough value, most people cross their plans – on land Or "c", cyberspace. They include too many tasks, too extensive script about what they want to say and do and often find the need to share equal binders. Both retreat leader and retreat attend go event feeling by surprise. Feeling like leading your virtual privileges is about starting another business.

#YINBiz Tip: K.I.S.S. – Keep it simple and sacred. See it as a complement or addition to what you already know and do. Keep your message alive, take it deeper, make it live, or take it with more people.

3) Overzealous um technology

This discusses the spectrum and speaks to the abundance of technical options available. To us today. Back in the day, you had an idea, got courage, collected some people and shared a network conference call. Today, you can recreate almost anything but physical connection to a national event (although third party members also have room for it). It's very tempting to go all the way out. Some are very excited and organize their events to take advantage of all the bells and whistles.

#YINBiz Tip: Again, KISS, Be careful not to lose your learning path of new technologies that can reduce You are fully present when you lead your virtual retreat. Stay with what you know or are happy with, which increases trust and connectivity. This will also help you avoid violence for time and money that can reduce R.O.I. – Return On Investment.

The world needs gifts that you share and give a retreat. May you realize both and know the joy and prosperity of it.

Source by Karen McMillan

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