25 ways to hide the digital proof of the case

Because of the transparency of mobile devices, it makes sense that the same mobile devices will be key to communicating between the disloyal spouse or other major. Technology creates mobile devices that are essentially information (Internet) and communication gateways (email, social media, text messaging, etc.). Especially the iPhones are used by many consumers in the smartphone chosen. The iPhone is essentially a handheld computer – similar to a laptop or computer. Like all computers, digital proofs of infidelity are logged and stored. In order to keep the case secret, this digital evidence has to be hidden from the major.

Knowing the case when a case can be hidden can be key to discovering the case and capturing the red-handed cheat. If the fraudster has an iPhone, there are 25 methods that can be used by a cheat to hide evidence of their cause:

1. Create a new email account that is only used for love communication.

2nd Check your email communications with love on your webmail and not on your iPhone email address

3. Did not go or the iPhone did not remember the password or email address / login name to communicate with the lover.

4th Deleted links or "bookmarks" for any webmail that was used to communicate with the lover.

5th Change your wireless bill to "paperless billing" to hide communication with love.

6th Use a 3rd party application for SMS / text messages, so text does not appear in a phone bill or online detail.

7th The name of the lover was saved as a false name and sex, so the calls to this person are less suspect.

8th Use 3rd party dials like Skype or Google Voice to make and receive calls so that no phone bill or online usage information is displayed.

ninth If you are sending an iPhone email to send / receive emails, you can also enable Emails from your lover by checking Settings and> Mailing -> Accounts to check and disable emails when you are finished so your account will not be to appear. mail accounts or the list of all incoming mailboxes but keeps your settings and emails.

10th Remove location services so it's harder to track. Location services are enabled, some sites and apps can determine their location, and photos taken on their iPhones contain embedded data in their GPS coordinates that show that they are not where they are said.

eleventh Clear map / GPS history and directions in the places you want to or want to meet.

12th Close web pages to their lover once they are completed on the site.

13th Clear their web history and cache for web pages visited by their lover.

14th Deleting their call history for their lover and their calls, and for hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, boat rentals, etc. About solo calls.

15th Delete text / SMS history with the lover. If your lover is the best friend of your spouse or other person who is likely to have an occasional relationship with the iPhone, you can selectively delete text messages.

16th Use your iPhone calendar to create false work or other non-suspicious meetings or appointments to make alibi meet their lover

17. Use one of the iPhone apps, such as "False Caller", to simulate an incoming call from your boss or staff, where they must meet at the same location where your lover is going to happen.

18th Once their code is set to their iPhone, so if they go wrong, they will lock their phones and make them safer.

19th After you have set your password for automatic closing after a specified time.

20th The "Delete Data" feature is enabled, which clears your iPhone data when you enter a bad password 10 times in succession.

21st If you sync your iPhone to your computer or transfer iTunes music to your iPhone, you can encrypt your iPhone backups created by iTunes.

22nd Automatic preview of text messages may be disabled, otherwise content in the message or incorrect images may appear with the code.

23rd Use iPhone applications such as deleting TigerText texts

24. Buy a new phone secretly communicating with your lover

25. A fake code is used. The cheat tells the other significant "false" code that erases incriminating texts and other information at entry.

Whether or not your device has a laptop, PC or Mac or iPhone, there is always digital evidence to hide when it is in contact. If you know what to look for, you will often find evidence of the case. If you need to find evidence such as recovering deleted texts, pictures, or other data, you will need a computer criminal expert.

Source by Malisa Vincenti

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