25 amazing open source iPhone applications

You can find lots of source code snippets and samples on free blogs and other online resources. Very few provide source code for all code-encoding applications. However, there are wonderful source code packages that cover the desire applications published in the App Store. These are great when you want to get under the bonnet and see how these applications are made from the beginning to the end. Here are …

1. ABC 123 – Sequence memorization game that uses Cocos2D.

2nd Encounter – Convert the most popular Mac IRC client to iPhone.

3rd Disheshaker – Dice Rolling Simulator designed for role-lovers.

4th Doom Classic – The classic 3D first-person shooter game is now open source for the iPhone! [itunes link | source code | build instructions]

5. Freshbooks – The iPhone App, which enables the Freshbooks internet billing software for your iPhone.

6th Gorillas – Classic Worms / iShoot turn shooter shooter type game converted to iPhone from the base. Use Cocos2D.

7th Last.fm – Software that allows you to use the Last.fm platform for personal radio stations.

8th Mobilesynth – a monolith synthesizer designed for live performance.

ninth Molecules – Allows viewing and manipulating the 3D model of molecules.

10th Mover – Allows things that are transferable from one iPhone to another flicking to another device.

eleventh Natsulion – A basic Twitter client for converting mac.

12th NowPlaying – Allows you to check your local theater listings and check out the rogue logo rating.

13th Packlog – Backpack Log Client.

14th PocketFlix – Searching Movies and Managing Netflix Information.

15th remail – E-mail client, which is extremely fast search. Removed from application store, but available source.

16th RobotFindsKitten – The very cool "ASCII" game port.

17th Sci-15 HPCalc – Calculator application with the classic scientific HP Calculator.

18th Task Trainer – List of Personal Tasks and Task Manager.

19th Tubestatus – London train tracker tracker.

20th Tweejump – Platform inspired by Icy Tower is a platform jumping game. Use Cocos2D.

21st Tweetero – Basic twitter client image upload.

22nd Twitterfon – Super-fast intuitive twitter client.

23rd Wikihow – Reader app from popular wiki sites.

24th WordPress – Customer to manage WordPress blogs.

25th YourRights – Pocket database, which contains your legal rights.

Source by Jack Cross

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