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Mobile marketing is a new buzzword and push notifications are definitely an essential part of this promotional tour. Reaching users from the program was not easy, but pushing the notifications has made it possible. It has the power to break apart without losing a large number of unread messages. While pushing notifications is an ideal way to get users' attention, they can be handled easily – if they have a wrong effect on doing wrong but fairly correct.



According to a report published a year ago, people find push notification notices very annoying. The fact is pushing messages is nothing but the attention of the applicants. They like catching a user's response is a direct communication line between the client and the app. It is important that only relevant messages reach the user interface without breaking them. The problems that usually arise in the case of push notifications is

· When the user accepts push notifications, the market must ensure that the updates in question reach the client by knowing which settings they have.

· It must be clear that the short notice is a privileged tool that can not be used to spam users all the time with frequent messages.

· Incorrect timing may annoy the user and will only delete the app. To prevent this, adjust the timer correctly for appropriate warnings.

· Before sending any push messages, certain prerequisites such as age, time, basically all information about the user are necessary because otherwise you are required to send false messages to the wrong people

· Published ads with notifications are complete no for all users who want to be with you and like your application.

· Late messages can affect people in the essence.

· Market participants must make it easy to cancel a press release and participate in notifications.

Industrial Overview

In 2015 it was considered a gaming company for push notification industry. From a general push message, the focus of the notifications section changed to target users based on their preferences. The change from spammy, unrelated pushing messages to proposed tactical ones significantly increases consumer involvement, retention and experience. Every industry must be flexible to be at the forefront of different customer needs. The fashionistas and authors struggle to imagine subsequent popular trends, but the doctors try to answer the most difficult queries of nature. To become a leader in a particular industrial location, development is more important than to follow them blindly.

Expressed notifications are the most efficient and best way to secure and participate in your customers. But often it is applied in a thoughtless, indefinite, and honestly indecorous manner. A new Accenage report, based on more than 38 billion push-messages, suggests that if such notifications are used and used appropriately, can push messages very impressively on Android (until Android M OS is launched), with 100% selected

20 Interesting Solutions

The printing specifications are as important as the user experience (UX) because researchers believe that more than 71% of Applications are usually triggered by pressing message. The bottom line is a bad push practice can be harmful as notification notifications push directly to users and not the devices. So, let's take a look at some of the best ways to push your eyes eye.

1. Respect of Special Local Time

It is easy to think and operate according to your own time zone, such as "kl." The courier service does not work like this. When your customers participate, it's important that the message takes the user on time when they are ready to receive it in accordance with their time zone. A decent push service will definitely reduce server load and stagger the message about windows if necessary.

2. Prioritizing Message

What is Priority Message? Marketers often think, the more, the better. Is not it? That's not it Same in all cases. Many times may more reduce your income, your users, usage, feedback and everything. Sending 23-50 pushes a day to customers can not only annoy them But also remove that app. Thus, within and prioritize messages at 5-10 maximum per day, they can suit most applications.

3. Avoid Generic Pushes

It is possible that many pressures per day can be a successful job. You may think of sending various services that can help the app communicate with the user, inform them and gain knowledge of the user. But generally, it can be called a bad job. Selecting a business message can attract more attention to the user.

4. The Value of Your Dormitory

For the night, people usually have a good night to start a fresh day. Mobile phones are usually sounded or do not interfere when people are asleep. In view of this, do you really think that people really have time to go through all the pushbacks that pour in the night or early morning? So the market must also evaluate the user's sleep and limit notifications to date. Perhaps the summary of the morning message may be more effective than 10 odd messages at night.

5. Customize Content for Users

Foreclosure bids can be customized and sent to users to make it more valuable. With the exception of junk and unauthorized messages, press releases, offers and chat-based user interfaces can create positive effects. Numerous market automation is possible with some very basic information. As how long the application is installed on your device, what level of game you are now, your last usage, and many such small items can help customize push messages for users.

6. Favorite Transactional Pushes

The 1: 1 push the message that is usually directed to the user and is not generally unique with the departmental area, referred to as a commercial button. For example, their package is sent or it is new and more. Such notifications are seamless in accordance with the definition. Yet, it is temporarily one of the best ways to follow.

Customize with username

When messages are intended for the user only and are identified by the username in the push of the message, like Ronit, is It's time to visit your doctor. In another 4 hours; People take it seriously and truly like such notifications.

8. Make it simple and short within 10 words

To create effects in the minds of users, 10 words are more than enough to convey Correct message what you want to let your user know.

9. Proper Implementation of Technology

In order to maintain the 71% statistics above, it is important to perform the notifications correctly. It's not just about certificates and granting.

10. Searched Licensee is Certainly Vital

The popup alert that appears at the beginning of installing a license application is preferably the most important monitoring station. Without the user's permission, notification can not be notified.

11. Search for 3 rd Party Service

Setting up a press release is not easy to do Own. Looking for help from third-party services is the best option for improvement, consistency and good features.

12. Content Options Options

If you are directed to a small application in the content by pushing a message, it is most likely to preload it with Available API. This may slow down after a couple of seconds, but you get ready to go to the computer without waiting for the annoying charging screen.

13. Easy Access to Notification Settings

Difficulty finding the notification formats can be annoying for customers. A simple availability of the setting to turn off or on the notification is important.

14. Customize Message By Location

Relevant local important messages will develop customer relationship. Customizing messages by location of the user can be a good job.

15. Out of the Box Thinking

It is important that you deliver certain value and unique content to end users while you push push notifications in planning . This requires external thinking. Advertised ads are not just a slice of your communication; It is part of a more flexible customer involvement with your brand.

16. Smart Segmentation

The CRM software or behavior in the application must be intelligent components for field splitting. User behaviors and formats are both essential for solid planning planning.

17. Defining KPI

The mobile phone delivery indicator can help you understand actual engagement, long term retention or change and lifetime or cost of the product while clicking on And Conversion Rate only helps understand the campaign's initial performance.

18. Content plays an important role

The content of the message greatly influences the performance of push notifications. For example, "off", "discounts", "promotional codes" etc. Have a lot of consumer interest.

19. Rich Pushes

Regardless of the textual content, Android forever lol and iOS 10 continues rich push. Now your preview can include GIFs and videos. For an arbitrary viewpoint from your iOS 10 you can learn in detail.

20. Expired Message Removal

When the message loses its value, it must be removed automatically. For example, a 50% discount on the shoe was an offer that lasts a week ago but is not currently available to the user, so it must be removed automatically.

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