2 Thrusting Techniques That Drive Her Wild In The Bed

This will probably not surprise you, but almost no guys take time to think about the annoying techniques they use in sex.

I remember when I had sex before learning all the "dear tricks" and ways to give women a lot of gratification, I have never used to think of disruptive technology.

And if I thought about how I fell in love, I just assumed, "It's probably not important how I'm still"

How wrong I was.

One of the things I discovered on my journey to becoming a great lover is the absolute technique you use while sex can matter when at her orgasm 3+ times or she does not feel anything.

So if you do not take anything away from reading this one then let it be this.

Experiments with different engineering lessons every time you have sex.

As soon as you start experimenting, you will suddenly be shocked when you encounter some different fixes that drive it wildly.

And as you continue to experiment, you will find more and more great thirsty methods and you will always have a good set of stimulating methods that you can choose every time you have sex you know will make her feel comfortable.

Now let me know what exactly I mean by "shortening technology that drives it wild".

Thrusting technology is how you threaten your penis in and out of sex.

Most people choose the speed, all in and out approach without changing rhythm, speed, depth or timing.

Here you can be different.

Begin to stir the rate, speed, depth, and timing between you.

Get fast for a little, take a little bit faster.

Go deep for a little, then ground a little.

You get the idea.

But you can also become a bit more advanced than this …

So here are two examples of some slow and advanced failure methods that you can try or get ideas from …

1 – can be increase depth and speed

women love structure, war and excitement.

You put the "thing" in full depth as soon as you start sex is not a woman's idea of ​​a good time (unless you have previously received a story about dirty physical attraction and unusual pleasure to give, in that case you can break the rules now and again).

Like I said, women like to tease.

Thus, one of the greatest therapist for this is to start sex by tapping the vagina into absolute minimum depth and very slowly.

Then take it out again.

Then come in very slowly deeper and very slightly faster.

Then take it out again.

And repeat the process of becoming gradually worsened and faster.

It's quite slow process and it should take a few minutes until you're in full depth.

And because you've made and planned, she'll appreciate your deepest drive 10x more than if you start full depth right away.

2 – Slow and Basic with Slow Deep Difficulty

This is another great repair technique to make it your deepest judgment.

If you do this right, you can experience immense when you go deep.

How it works is pretty simple.

Most of the time you have to raise a very shallow, roughly inch or two in depth.

Again and again, as once for every 10 shallow threats, perform very easy load at full depth.

Because of the contradiction with all the shadows she has experienced, she will only love the feeling of going in every way.

It works well.

And just remember to go deeper once, then go back 10 or so to hit before going deep again.

So there you have it.

Two examples of different adaptive technologies.

There's an endless number of ways that you can change your rhythm, speed, depth, and timing while trying to create an amazing experience for it.

Get an experiment now.

Source by Jack Grave

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