2 Reasons That Make Nokia N97 Better Then iPhone

Nokia N97 is another in line with Nokia's current family N series. The Nokia N900 is the current flagship model, but many consumers have found that the N97 is a great phone and is much more affordable. This model has many great features including a large touchscreen and a relatively fast mobile processor. If you are considering the Apple iPhone or Nokia N97, there are 2 big reasons why you might want to stick with the most popular Nokia N Series best buy. To learn more about what your options continue to read.

One of the coolest features that Apple iPhone lacks is the ability to multi-task. The Nokia N97, however, had a background app that allows you to put any running programs in the background while switching to another application. This allows for very fast APIs and does not need to reload an application every time you want to access it. This is one change iPhone 4 may take care of, but if you are considering 3GS then you can only multi-tasked iPod. You can continue to play music while browsing the web or accessing most other programs, which is good but not really multi-tasking.

Another feature that makes the Nokia N97 much better in some people's minds is to add and edit equipment on the home screen. The widget allows you to add "real-time" updates from your favorite sites or even publish your latest emails without having to open any programs at all. This is a great way to keep everything that's important to you in front of you at all times without having to open 3 different programs to find out what's new in your social circles and in the world around you.

If you're on the edge, there might be plenty of reasons to push your Nokia N97 edge, but if you're app hungry, the iPhone still has a lot to offer. The Nokia N97 also has many more mobile phone options so many consumers do not use AT & T network to name a corridor qwerty keyboard, this makes it an instant winner.

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