17 best apps for college students and college students

Phones are not just phone calls. These are computers, maps, guides, gaming centers, cameras, search engines and much more. Appropriate applications can become a dormitory tool.

We searched for a lot of educational applications there and selected the 17 most useful applications for the average college applicant and student. These 17 applications can help you with college finder, college preparation, college applications, academies after having college or college lifestyle.

Fairly useful, right?

While these 17 applications are not your sole provider, it's certainly a convenient and fun way to take over a small part of the dormitory recruitment process.

So you can browse and have a happy download!

1. Peterson's College Guide

  • What You Do – Allows you to search for information from thousands of institutions, including statistics such as selectivity, financial support, and offered courses.
  • The most suitable – quick research or browsing to find ideas about different schools. Through extensive research, you can rely on your school enrollment office and website information. It is also very useful for campus tours.
  • Favorite feature – "Shake for a College Suggestion" feature. Simply shake the phone and explore the random dormitories.

2. College Confidential Mobile App

  • What it does – provides university entrance articles and allows participants to discuss different parts of the recruitment process. You can take part in discussions on the go, check the university app blogs, and interact with other users.
  • The best used – Background research and consideration of what other college students are talking about.
  • Favorite Feature – The "Campus Vibe" section that allows iPhone users to browse hundreds of reports of students who have gone through a college visit to a particular school.

3. futureU SAT

  • What You Do – Allows you to play SAT prep games on the go. The games are based on a Kaplan curriculum and contain experimental tips.
  • The best used – additional test preparation.
  • Your favorite feature – the portable nature of the application allows you to study at any time or from anywhere, which is great for consistent testing.

4. SAT Vocab Challenge Vol. 1 The Princeton Review

  • What you are doing – you accidentally test 250 vocabulary words that often meet during SAT exam. You can try out definitions, synonyms, antonyms, and positive and negative connotations.
  • Best for the "round-up" vocab study.
  • Favorite Service – Some challenges timed to simulate the actual SAT test environment.

5. SAT Connect

  • What To Do – Provides 800 remote tests, 7 diagnostic tests, tutorials, and vocabulary flash cards. Give feedback on scores and times and keep track of progress.
  • Most suitable: – Diagnosing SAT problems in their own areas and focusing on practical issues in these areas.
  • Favorite feature – Explain in detail the answers to missing questions, which will help you avoid the same mistake twice.

6. Common App Mobile

  • What You Do – Allows you to fill the applicant through your mobile phone, but this is not recommended.
  • It is best to check the status of the application and ensure that the different stages of the application are processed.
  • Favorite service – checking the status of the application while on the move – does not have to be nervous in front of the computer.

7. Dropbox

  • What to do – Keep your documents in an easily accessible place, which is great for a multitude of case studies and other documents that accrue during college enrollment. Allows you to sync files from different locations.
  • The most suitable: – draft essay, store recommendations, and proceed in a safe place.
  • Your favorite feature – the application uses an online storage mechanism, which means documents are secure against any bad timed computer crash.

8. iStudiez Pro

  • What he does – he follows his homework and deadlines at all his departments. You can also create and tag color codes with various extracurricular activities and place them next to the class calendar.
  • It is best used to track the many obligations that come with a college student. Placing all your log information in one place makes it easier to plan your responsibilities and work plan.
  • Favorite feature – the "Today" view reflects all academic and extracurricular duties for a certain day.

9. myHomework

  • What You Do – Provides a digital calendar for home assignments. You can sort your home assignment into different class lists or view it as a calendar.
  • It's best to design your semester when you get your class to your class. If you want to know that doing all your homework helps to plan your job and avoid delay.
  • Favorite feature – set reminder warnings to give you a fair warning about the next due dates.

10. Stanza

  • What You Do – Allows you to download thousands of texts to your phone to make them more portable. You can choose from a variety of free works or buy other jobs from your partner's business.
  • The most suitable – the smaller readings for your class. For most classes, the best book owner is. In case of shorter reading, however, Stanza can save you from a very heavy backpack.
  • Favorite Service – Easily transfer books from your e-reader or computer to the Stanza icon.

11. Mental Case

  • What You Do – Allows you to create flash cards using text, picture or audio or download existing online flash cards. After you've created flash cards, you can try out your phone directly.
  • It's best used – it reduces the time you write flash cards and gives you more time to compete.
  • Favorite Service – Postcards that produce high quality images are especially useful for classes that need to know charts and graphs.

12. Instapaper

  • What you are doing – saves web pages to access them later, even if they do not have access to the Internet. Most web pages are stored as text files so they can be easily read on the phone.
  • The most convenient bookmark is the articles or pages you need the class or that you are just interested in. Access options provide even more freedom for reading and learning, even wherever they like, even without wireless coverage.
  • Favorite feature – if you want to read something new, check out what other friends you read or choose from the editorial collection list.

13. Evernote

  • What You Do – Allows you to make random texts, sounds, or visual comments on a lot of things. You can record notes, ideas, or snapshots in a searchable database to make it easier to access later.
  • It is best to remember all the random facts and ideas that both inside and out of the classroom are absorbed.
  • Favorite feature – converts text from snapshots into text that is readable and searchable on your phone.

14 . Bump

  • What You Do – Allows you to exchange phone numbers and other contact information when your phone is hit by your "friend".
  • It's best used – the frenzy of introductions you can see in the first few weeks. You will meet so many people and Bump is an easy and fast way to get your contact information.
  • Favorite Service – It's almost certain that the way phone numbers are transferred through a simple phone is good enough …

15. PocketMoney

  • What do you do- keeps track of your finances, saved or credit card accounts.
  • It is best to ensure that you do not exceed the financial limits of your campus. It's so easy to forget how much money you have on your current account, but this app makes it easy to access this information, even if it's on the go.
  • The favorite feature – charts and other analyzes help you see how many times we surpass and how we reduce the retraction

16. Wi-Fi Finder

  • What does – different Wi-Fi hotspots in the geographic area and how to reach them.
  • The best way to find places to study in a local community. The application is also useful when you are studying abroad, where it can sometimes be difficult to simply stumble on the Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Your favorite service – clear directions to the closest wi-fi location

17. Urbanspoon

  • What you do – helps you find nearby restaurants and view ratings and evaluations of each facility.
  • Best to find a restaurant in a new college town. The picture is about discovering new things, so try to challenge the unique local restaurants that the neighborhood offers.
  • Favorite Service – "Slot Machine" offers a casual restaurant when shaking the phone. You feel great when you feel particularly spontaneous.

University-specific applications

Most universities offer smartphone applications that include calendars, upcoming events, university news, and important logistical information such as restaurant menus or bus programs.

After you've decided which school you can go, you must check your website or iTunes for all available apps.

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