16 advice to define a submissive woman

When the men are out fishing for women, especially when they are in combat for isolation, the most important quality they seek for a woman is her submission. How do you know if this is a female submissive? Check and make sure there are some symptoms found in women below:

  1. She keeps her chin low.
  2. Eye contact is excluded.
  3. She smiles too much.
  4. She kinks too much when you speak
  5. She suggests you to catch each word.
  6. She shows self-test evidence – low contact with hair, clothing, etc.
  7. Provides a quick, nervous break at the end of your own talking, maintaining eye contact and encouraging you to smile.
  8. She wipes her eyebrows.
  9. She smiles without showing teeth.
  10. She suppresses the smile and releases her head.
  11. It shows parallel reflection.
  12. She uses palm experiences.
  13. Join & # 39; Performance & # 39; Speaking, she uses expressions and gestures while she is talking, but she picks them away & # 39; back soon when she finished.
  14. She points her hands on the shoulder height or higher.
  15. She uses self-esteem
  16. She does & # 39; checking & # 39; touch the actions that accompany your eye movements. An example is that you look at her nose and she touches it again or later.

For men who are on hunting, sex is not usually under the leadership of women. The people need to ask for it, in an intelligent manner. In response to this, she may show nervous, different signals, but then swiftly and quickly.

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Source by Janice Hilton Freeman

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