11 ways to use iPod Touch

When Apple first introduced the iPod in 2001, it was basically one thing to do: to play music. As the iPod line matures, they now have a lot more to do. Apple's latest iPod model is iPod Touch. This device does a lot of things; they are first overwhelmed by the prospects of learning what to do. Here are some ways to use your iPod Touch.

first Used as a Music Player

Apple's first slogan for iPod was "1000 songs in its pocket". The original iPod feature has listened to music and the iPod Touch is still excellent in this regard. You can now have more than 1000 songs, so you can rearrange your music library right away through the fingers of your fingers, and even know the name of the song and play your artist when you're in the new Voice Control technology.

2nd Use as a Movie Player

Besides playing music, the iPod Touch is a widescreen video player. You can download movies and episodes from your favorite TV shows directly to your device, or stream your iPod to your computer for manual transmission.

3rd Use as a Telephone

Did you know that you can use the iPod Touch as a phone? Well, a little bit. Downloading the free Skype app from the App Store lets you make calls worldwide while in the Wi-Fi zone. Long distance and international calls are much cheaper than most mobile phones or landline calls by this method.

4th Use as a Gaming Machine

iPod Touch proved to be a worthy competitor for both Sony PSP and Nintendo DS on the portable gaming market. There are currently over 25,000 games available at the App Store, so it is likely that you will find some that you like. Even better, thousands of games for free.

5th Use as an ebook reader

There are tens of thousands of free e-books available on iPod Touch. If you are a fan of classics, you will be reading this device. Download the free Kindle app or the available number of available self-contained e-books in the App Store.

6th Using the Web Browser

This iPod is probably the best Internet browsing experience on your handheld. This is not the "mobile Internet"; with the Apple Mobile Safari browser.

7th Use it by email

iPod Touch makes it easy to set up Gmail, Yahoo, or any other email service. After you've passed the initial settings, you can easily check your emails with a single touch without having to sign up online.

8th Use it as a map

You may want to drop the maps and atlass because you no longer need these. IPod Touch is equipped with the Google Maps app that lets you pull street and satellite data anywhere in the world.

ninth Use it to make comments

The iPod Touch offers two great ways to make notes. Use the Notes application to note your thoughts or download a free voice recorder from the App Store.

10th Use as Organizer

No day designer or PDA is required, iPod is covered. The Calendar app allows you to track the list of daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. You can synchronize it with your computer's calendar.

eleventh Use Social

. It's probably not easier to connect to your friends as if it were an iPod Touch. Twitter and Facebook applications can keep up-to-date on what's happening in the social world, even if you're away from the computer.

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