11 ways to launch the iPhone and iPod Touch App

Although there is no magic formula or any marketing activity that can do the trick, these strategies provide you with a framework that helps you increase your business exposure, sales, and profit. The iPhone / Touch app marketing is definitely a process that can take time.

I'll tell you that price reductions have not been found to be the best strategy. At first we thought this could be very effective because the App Store's structure is set to rank applications based on the number of downloads. Currently, Apple's system does not appreciate higher total sales and full downloads per price range.

Remember, for example, if the application was $ 5 and decided to cut it to $ 0.99, you should say five times that you just break it. You can temporarily increase exposure, but at the expense of maximizing your profit margins if you are the most suitable at the beginning of your product life cycle. Customer support issues can increase up to five pounds.

This means there's nothing wrong with setting up app pricing at the beginning to find the best market price (which can change over time).

24455 applications are counted, so skip and start!

1. World (iTunes App Store) Flat View your potential international market from the moment of conception. There are people around the world who are eager to use and enjoy the benefits of quality applications. Initially, we applied metric and local currency in our app, but we decided to reset it to version 1.1. We were so eager to start the submission process with Apple and it negatively affected our sales without question. I suggest the extra time to use it for the international community or to some key markets (China, Russia, Central and South America, Japan and Germany).

What does this mean? When using treaties, it automatically recognizes the user's local currency according to the device's general settings; and if necessary, handle currency conversion. Create site, guidance, and sales pages to help you understand and use the images to support your text. Consider that for many people, English can be their second or third third language. Make your software more intuitive by selecting symbols on the text wherever possible. Obtain bloggers in Europe and Asia on your slit market. Make free promotional code in your correspondence. It does not hurt.

Consider this: we received nearly $ 1000 from sales in Italy, with only one Italian online script. You can now go on doing this and sell your sales page and turn it into great languages ​​like Spanish or Chinese. The prices of quality work are variable and you need to keep talking about language to check your work.

Remember, iTunes has 65 different versions of the world and counts. We can develop one application to use the iPhone and iPod Touch. How big is the market for both? Apple does not break the sales of each product line. The conservative estimate of 4.4 million iPhones sales and 22.7 million iPod sales in the last quarter will be around 7 million three months. This is a daily average of 78,000 new devices arriving online. Incredible and almost scary. It can not last forever, but wow!

2. Create a Lite or Demo Version

Apple allows developers to use a free and paid version, and a free sample is probably the most successful marketing strategy. People want to try things out. There are a lot of CrApps (nasty apps) there, why should people risk money for an app they do not know about a company they do not even know? If you can give people enough flavor, they will buy the whole food from you! So you take the bulk of the risk.

There are a number of strategies there, but make sure that the lite version sales page is clear within the limits of the paid or full version. If you truncate the application too much, people may think that this is a complete dud and they do not see any value for payment for nothing to get the premium released. Get acquainted with people about how to enter into this strategy, enrich themselves. Developer Ethan Nicholas has motivated this journey recently Wired :

When iShoot started in October, the business was slow for a while. Then Nicholas found the free time to encode the free version of the app-iShoot Lite released in January. How it helped: iShoot has announced iShoot $ 3 full version of iShoot Lite. Users downloaded the free version 2.4 million times. And that led to 320,000 satisfied iShoot Lite players for iShoot.

3. Get Free

This is something that can be considered for various reasons. Currently, the "app" ad is lacking in sophistication. When I say this, I mean that there is no Google AdSense yet. I'm sure it's coming, but the embedded ad, which is not related to the content in any way, is really intrusive in my personal opinion. I've still read that some developers are looking for tons of money with embedded ads, but it's hard enough for people to click on ads if they are relevant. If not, the clickthrough rate is fairly low. If the app is what people are using over and over again, your ad can still work. Personally, we did not find it successful because it is much easier to reduce the 99 cents application by about 70 cents to achieve the same amount of advertising. You can also add a PayPal donor button as AppCubby, but this will probably not work for you unless you have a large existing client or fan base.

is free to show the app for free. Get people, talk about it and get positive feedback. Then start filling the people. It's perfectly acceptable to Apple.

From a long-term perspective, you can fully deliver the first app to let people talk, create a foundation and build a brand. After all, nothing spreads like free (especially good free). You can use this to collect contact and feedback from your first users and turn them to your customers for the following application or product. Make sure you include a "share" feature within the free app (within all of your applications !). Sharing is as easy as possible.

4. Sending a press release

The free (or almost free) press release service PRMac and the MacNN (Macintosh News Network) syndicate (submitted free of charge) is definitely worth the price of the submission. Competitive services may charge more than $ 600 to US sales, which are valuable and less costly alternatives. It is said that the press release has been delayed, but these offers directly target their potential customers. He never knows who he can get; and it is vital to have a press release on the rise of all forms of media.

5. Contact Top 100 Blogs

Technorati allows you to enter the current list. Use a chat style, get to the point, and include a promotional code. Find out what you can sell on your business. If there is an interesting angle or story around the app, this can increase your odds. Ask them if they could make a guest entry. Who knows? If you have a website like Gizmodo that receives 3 million pageviews per day, this can be a full-throttle!

6. Continuously improving your sales page

This is pretty basic but is often ignored. Check out the sales page for the other top apps. What are they doing? Emulate what works and keeps exploring ideas. You can display up to five images of this writing, so use them! Use the pictures that best sell your product. Ask others to get their attention. Use of quotes from inspectors; benefits primarily and above all. Customers are not always logical, so do not carry statistics. How will your application work better?

7. Use customer feedback to create a better product

This consists of two parts. First, respond in a timely manner to customer emails and find out that interaction with all customers, whether it's good or bad, is a marketing option. If you receive feedback via e-mail or customer reviews, consider and include these improvements. Not everyone is happy for everyone and has limited resources, so you can not add anything. Some great ideas are required to reach the path. The first time you see users can see how they use the software from the start.

The second way for customer feedback is to embed the analytics code into the app. Flurry Analytics and Pinch Media offer both tracking software that provides insights into how customers interact with the app, including real-time download information, all for free. This is especially useful if 90% of clients do not use a certain function. Maybe they do not know she's there!

8. Continuous updating of the application

App Store's great feature. The new versions are back to top of the category's novelties. Incorporating the functionality required by customers, thus improving or at the same time maintaining ongoing sales by improving the product and maintaining visibility. Do not infringe this by changing a few words in the help file, then resubmitting it or you will be ruining it anyway. If you are working hard to make the product better, the distribution channel increases the exposure because of the new new shirt.

9. Advertise

Offers Google AdWords and AdMob. I think we are not yet, but we are very close. AdWords does not offer ads for mobile devices with full browsers, but it does not only include the iPhone and Touch functionality. You get Androids and more, depending on which area you're advertising. There have been no conversion tracking applications for this application yet, and without simply burning cash and showing little success for their efforts. You will not know which keywords are working or not working. One way to track sales with this method is to become a member of iTunes by joining LinkShare. Create a link to your sales page in the App Store and receive a 5% commission for qualified purchases.

AdMob has been using application ads better than Google. You are able to track conversions and target relevant Apple devices. You can also target those that are on the Wi-Fi network or who's good enough. The disadvantage is that you send at least 10 cents a click to send someone to the App Store sales page. There is no guarantee of sales and the price of the application, which leaves very little margin on ads. With a hundred nine clicks, only one actual sale may be needed, so keep that in mind. In addition, since AdMob does not target your ads very well, clickers will not actually look for what you offer in Google Search.

Here are some examples of Google AdWords ads from companies that burn money; this luxury is not what everybody can afford, and maybe he is worth nothing.


Example 1

19659002] No-Hassle cooking w / Recipes and

Shopping lists on your hands.

Accessing Your

iPhone Today! You'll find. Map. Rescue. Going.


One last consideration: Even if your ad breaks down, you can increase your rankings at the store, with increased exposure. If you are popular, sales will feed themselves. ITunes is a distribution channel, but Walmart. If you're listed below, you'll get more sales. If you find the bottom of the shelves on corridor 34, good luck!

10. Use Social Networks

Facebook Fan pages, online forums, and quality comments on top blogs and news sites can help you start conversations about your business. Comments are also crawled and tracked by key search engines. Be part of the conversation and actually share something or otherwise. You can quickly believe it is a spam (and rejected or dropped by your comrades net). Saturation brings you here far. Also, create profiles that will further increase the issue.

11. Get to know the App Store

This is obviously complicated because of why you do this for a marketing plan? She does not choose, but she chooses. I'll tell you what it is worth. I bought iTunes about a month ago and was asked to be included We are today. It never hurts to ask, and it's worth a bunch of values! You never know who will achieve it. Someone can say something to someone else. This is how it happens.

So far, we have only increased our average daily sales by almost tenfold. At the moment (2/23 / 09-3 / 9/09) is listed on the Apple Store App Store iTunes front page for "New and Noteworthy" and "What's new" on the iPhone / Touch.

Every time I contact the media, even if nothing comes from me, I share my company and my products with huge people (and people who come in contact with the mighty people) and never know directly or indirectly where that can lead.

Keep me connected and share your ideas and experiences with me. I like to hear about them. I wish the greatest success!

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