11 Great Guitar Smartphone Apps

You can do amazing things with guitar and smartphone these days. Joe Satriani mentioned in a recent interview in Guitar World that he judged all the songs for his latest album on his iPhone in his hotel rooms on a trip.

I buried around and came up with 11 of the best and useful smartphone guitar programs out there. Not just a little bit of programs that allow you to "play guitar" by stumbling your phone. You are a real guitar, so we will focus on applications that really help your guitar training and productivity. Tools Kit

Ultimate Guitar Tools – Ultimate-Guitar.com brings us this guitar tool Kit app that includes a chromatic microphone that supports standard and alternate metronome with custom presets and widespread string to help you find what string you need. $ 3.99 Available for iPhone and Android

Gibson Learn and Master Guitar – This, from Great Learn and Master Guitar Guys, is similar to the UGT above. Metronome contains a tap tempo, but the chord library is a bit smaller. It also comes with lessons from the Learn and Master Guitar series, which are very good. Best of all … It's free. Available for iPhone and Android

Theory Apps

Guitar Web Apps – This guitar program has a very awful name, but it's really very useful. Not only is it a chord dictionary, but it also explains the link between chords, string chords and a good string selection for certain playlists. Useful when you try to align a song or work with a fake book. $ 19.99 and available for iPhone

Guitar Fretboard Addict – Using fun games and practicing you will learn fretboard inside and out, in addition, you will help you learn the exercise and theory . Ask me how much I paid to study all this stuff at college. Batch more than $ 4.99, I say so much to you. Available for iPhone

Star Scales Pro – Sound dictionaries are easy to find, but there are not many dictionaries out there. This is a good choice for the scale. It has tons of blues, rock and jazz scales that you can learn in many patterns around your neck. It also provides options for left and 7 stricter players. $ 5.99 and available for iPhone.


Ultimate Guitar Tabs – Useful items from Ultimate-Guitar.com. You will have access to all tabs on the site and devices to make them highly usable on your screen with auto screw and so. I like to "play now" which will look up the tab for a song you listen to. $ 2.99 and available for iPhone

Guitar Pro – This is a great tabbing software from Guitar Pro. You can show, play and write tabs (and normal icons). Never again will you have an excuse to forget about the brilliant riff or melody line you came up with. $ 19.99 and available for iPhone and Android

For Practice

Riffmaster Pro – This is my favorite program to slow down the song. Great to slow down this lightning fast sun so you can really hear what's happening and learn from it. You have your choice to change the field or not. $ 4.99 and available for iPhone

Amplitube – effects / amps – This is a big dad for form and impact models. A bit more valuable than most applications, but well worth it. It works for guitar and bass and contains a camcorder. 11 stompboxes, 5 amps, 5 speakers, and 2 mics. You can import and export songs and change their time. Also includes singer / guitar guitar remover. This is necessary. I think you could even influence your performance for this show, though I did not try it. $ 19.99. They also have a LE version (2.99) and a free version. Also, iRig needs to connect your guitar to the phone. $ 39.99 Available for iPhone.

Everyday Looper – To practice a lump of music or to make loopy content in your shows. This app will perform admirably. $ 19,99 and available for iPhone


4 Track – Great little 4-piece recorder with tons of features. Great to relieve your songs. Requires the guitar from Sonoma Wireworks to connect your guitar to the phone. $ 5.99 and available for iPhone. Guitar Jack is $ 149

Of course, nothing will ever take place of a huge receiver and full-blown recording installed. Not yet. You can not experience the most beautiful sound quality from some of these tools, but they are great for fun, exercise and learning.

Source by Phil Johnson

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