11 Essential Things Every iPhone App Developer needs to know

Apple iPhone is popular for fast and efficient performance through intuitive user interface. IPhone applications extend iPhone's capability and serve multiple purposes. There are many iPhone apps available in the App Store that will meet the different needs of users and businesses. With increasing use of the iPhone, demand for applications is also increasing. Companies are looking for sophisticated and powerful iPhone application developers who have the platform, tools and development processes expertise and knowledge

listed the eleven basic things that every developer should be aware of in building iPhone applications.

  • The developer must have the C-C objective used to develop iPhone applications, that is, the knowledge and skills of the programming language. They should be able to collaborate with Swift instead of the C program in the latest programming language.
  • It is important for application developers to know Xcode, which is Apple's Integrated Development Environment (IDE). You have the expertise in Cocoa Touch, the Apple UI framework, and UIK with a good work experience. Knowing the latest iOS SDK is just as important for developing native iOS apps.
  • Developer needs to have good knowledge of the iOS framework, providing interfaces and building blocks to develop iPhone applications. Some of them include Cloud Kit, Core Data, Core Graphics, Web Kit and many more.
  • Good practice for application developers to write a clean code. Sometimes you may refer or go back to the old code, which is important for them to write a reusable code. You can also comment or comment on future references.
  • Developers need to know how to use source control. It helps keep the number of versions and modifications in the code. Allows you to create a checkpoint and save developers from getting in trouble helping them to return to the iPhone app.
  • Developers for iPhone applications should have the knowledge and expertise to add external libraries and collaborate with APIs.
  • It is also important for the developer to have thorough knowledge of Interface Builder, part of the Xcode, which simplifies the design of the user interface without requiring any encoding requirement.
  • In addition to the expertise of different tools and technologies, an application developer needs to understand the design aspect to provide a wonderful user and user experience. The iPhone application must have an intuitive and interactive interface. HTML5 knowledge can help developers create user-friendly and sophisticated applications.
  • Developer needs to know how to develop applications in earlier versions of iPhone to help resolve compatibility issues and ensure success.
  • An innovative approach is very important for developers to create successful applications. You have to make ideas for creating different and out-of-the-box iPhones.
  • It is essential that all developers gain a thorough knowledge of Apple's policies on app acceptance and approval in the App Store. Otherwise, Apple may refuse the application and may thus lead to failure in the development effort
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The above list highlights the basic considerations that developers need to know before embarking on development. Developers of iPhone applications have all the listed basic knowledge more likely to succeed in building robust and innovative applications. Understanding users' needs and creating such applications will also give developers positive results


Source by Minesh Vinod Doshi

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