10 things you should know about smartphone and network security

If you know the enemy face, consider half the battle is already done. That's why we recommend 10 things that can affect comfortable hiking trails on the Internet (including your smartphone).

1. Spyware: As the name indicates, there are scripts that are created specifically to spy on you. They collect information about search queries, login, passwords, credit card data, address books etc.

2. Viruses: These are script or program codes that can self-replicate and unauthorized migration from one computer to another.

3. Malware: This is a common name for a variety of computer programs that are specifically designed to harm your computer, server or network. One of the dangers of malicious programs lies in the fact that they can get deep into the files and appear again, even after they have been removed.

4. Trojans: Trojans into your computer disguised as useful or important updates to the application. They are created specifically to cause damage to computers, destroy or modify information on your hard drive.

5. Adware: These plans are created to ensure that ads on the screen are not allowed on a smartphone or computer. It can be popup, downloads automatically, etc.

6. Malicious Toolbar: They reflect the functionality of known cards (like Yahoo or Google), but they detect information stored on a computer or smartphone.

7. Theft Browser: These specifications change the browser's browser page without the user's consent.

8. Cookie: This is a legitimate folder that contains information about your visits to web pages and is designed to make them easier and more convenient. However, if a hacker gets access to cookies, he is learning a lot about you.

9. Worm: This type of virus is capable of copying the information individually from your computer or smartphone.

10. Common sense: It is the best defense against different malicious programs. Just avoid questionable sites, do not insert flash drives on a public computer, do not open email from strangers, etc.

In terms of smartphones, these relatively new devices are not so much affected by virus attacks. But over time, more and more applications designed to steal information from iPhone, iPhone (Android) or BlackBerry (BlackBerry) will appear. Therefore, use your common sense and it will save you and your information. Follow the above 10 items and prevention method to ensure your important information.

Source by Sunny Gandhi

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