10 Must Have Free iPhone Applications Moms

These are my favorite iPhone apps because they work very well around lifestyle like a busy mother.

White Noise: If you have a baby who is not willing to sleep, this may be just what you need. The ocean waves, the rain, train traction, the fan, thunder storm, stinging crickets. Seth is almost three and loves to sleep in the waves of the ocean that are on the beach.

TMZ: TMZ? Yes. They never spend money to buy magazines. Whenever I wait in a row in the store, I just go through the journals to make a quick snapshot of the latest famous rumors. I still enjoy clicking magazines, but the TMZ application is just as good. TMZ's style is different from the news of celebrity news.

Flashlight: Not all of us portable flashlights in our wallet, but we rarely go anywhere without our phone. The screen illuminates the environment in a dark place with bright lighting. We are delighted to provide you with any additional security when you are with our children.

Amazon: You needed to buy a new stroller or the latest Xbox game for a teenager but I did not have time to buy online. Well here is your answer, just shop, read the reviews, check the order status while you are waiting to pick up your child from school or doctors. There is a new Amazon Remembers feature that lets you take pictures of the products you want to buy and find similar products online. Very cute.

Business: Well, we all have one or more of these. Chatter sometimes I feel my mind constantly looking for the list! The application is a great way to handle your list. Color Codes make it easy to prioritize your tasks and edit them.

Web MD: You are in a park and the kid has an unusual skin rash. To quickly check what is possible, check the symptoms and what to do on the phone. It's also a good idea to get quick aide as you are waiting for an emergency service.

Every recipe: It may not all recipe, but it is constantly updated. I'm happy to get you a great time to save recipes in your palm.

Mapquest: Thanks to Mapquest, I've survived driving and navigating without navigation. Even before I was an iPhone, I would just print the Mapquest instructions. Now the same feature is available for app if you really use Mapquest. Although the iPhone is already on the Google map.

Wikipedia: There is a very curious kindergarten who puts more questions than you have answered; just look for Wikipedia, better than Google! This is a great opportunity for you and your child to learn.

YouTube: This belongs to your phone. This application was part of the Seth Potty Training. I used to encourage my little girl to sit in the potty when I put Thomas on the tank or a Madagascar clip on YouTube. It worked fine, as long as the clip played, he was sitting in the glass.

What are your favorite Mamma iPhone apps?

Source by Shreejana Hickman

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