10 large iPad applications that make it easy to use

Apple has more than 370,000 applications in the iPad app store. Most applications are free and others come from third parties. It is almost impossible to use one of them all. In addition to the popular Facebook, YouTube Twitter and other social networking applications, the following are mostly about the great iPad applications that the device needs to do:


Flipboard's Mike McCue co-founder claims that the news aggregator application is based on ten At least one of iPad's owners uses it. The social reader allows you to log on through any social network, and at a glance link all relationships with photos and stories between relationships. Then, make connections on a spectacular screen so you can override them and pick the ones you want to follow. In addition, you can freely customize the channels you want and narrow them down to specific topics. After a few minutes you would create your own social magazine with this free app.

IDW and Marvel Comics

Graphics lovers found something worthy of the iPad. IDW and Marvel Comics allow you to enjoy a host of comic books and graphic books on the go. The application consists of two software, as IDW includes, among other things, tapes such as Popeye and GI Joe. Marvel allows you to buy Iron Man, X-Men and Thor, among others, directly from Walt Disney.


Hootsuite creates a pleasant environment for networking. With just one iPad app, you can create more streams from all social networks and enjoy them in the same way. Then you can manage all networks from one platform at a time, and easily connect messages to your networks.


The iPad was created to make the whole world a small space; this is the tool for the working class. The pages allow you to access text editors where you can create text and presentations, and paste images while editing them as you like. The pages created are compatible with Mac, iPhone or PC, and are also available on iCloud. Ms. Word is also available on this application that does not come free.


The iPad can really solve your office problems with the Dropbox application that allows you to access the same files on multiple devices. You create a Dropbox account and all the files stored in the folder are available on other devices. This means that you can share office documents, images, videos, and any other file types without the attachments becoming uncomfortable. There are 2 GB of free space you can upgrade for a fee.

Onlive Desktop

This application allows you to easily transfer your computer to your iPad. Using WiFI, you can connect to your computer desktop, access all programs and documents, and work from anywhere. This free application is convenient if you do not have time to transfer files from your computer to iPad.


This is one of the applications that will change the iPad as live TV. Allows you to view programs while watching videos and music from archives on different platforms at one time. The app has the necessary video controls and can watch multiple programs on shared screens. The free package has limited access while the update provides streamlined streamlining.


Fab is one of iPad's best purchase inventory for online customers. One can see what the trend is in stores, order on different platforms, and follow what your friends bought when logged in through Facebook. You are there before you compare the prices of the cheapest articles to luxury goods.


Users are impressed by the app that lets you see how your finances are handled. The Mint allows you to set up and manage your account, track your personal budgets, and view your spending using navigation graphical graphical graphs. You will need to sign in to your account and PIN and protect your data.

Photoshop Touch

Adobe's free application format lets you edit your photos and add effects, but you need to upgrade to more interactive tools. The iPad App Store looks to get more and more interesting apps every day of the year.

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