10 iPhone accessories that need to be owned by you

first iPhone Screen Saver : Even with the utmost care, manually, it is impossible to avoid scratches on your cellphone screen. So, when it comes to iPhone, it is asking for extra caution! That's why this # 1 has to be included. Some merchants also sell a Lint cleaner

2. iPhone Case: When purchasing an iPhone, you are entitled to purchase a free glass bag from Apple (istore). If you're happy with that, then it's good and good. But we bought this skinflip-type iPhone case that is the second protection of the screen and a fashionable and executing house.

3rd iPhone Car Charger : The purpose of using iPhone (browsing on the go) is defeated when it's exhausted when u basically needs it! A car charger is always useful if you are busy and can not stop charging iPhone. Various options are available with the accessory. It also receives conventional car chargers and retractable models. So choose the one that fits best.

4th Charging and Sync Docking: Although charging and syncing your cable with your iPhone, I hate that iPhone should be vulnerable (: P) on the desktop. This accessory keeps your iPhone in place while charging and syncing, so you can find yourself in the list. They are black and white.

5th iPhone Car Holder : This is another enhancement that provides you with the confidence of the estimate of possession when you physically contribute – while driving. There are several options available on the market – such as FM Transmitter + Car Charger + Holder ~ Remote Included or the simple "Unviersal Car Windshield Mount Holder". I personally prefer the simpler version because it is easy to use.

6th Ear Protective Clips : This is a convenience item. For my music lovers like me, these EARBUD clips that can be attached to and out of the earphones with the iPhone are perfect. There are also other versions, such as "premium stereo ear pads for earphones". Choose the one you like best and go to it.

7th iPOD Cradle : This and the car mount were the accessories that we have available for the B.I (for iPhone). There are many cute cradles on the market. We bought the Sony iPod + iPhone Speaker / Clock and find it an amazing product.

8th Bluetooth Headphones: I know that keeping iPhone is irresistible, but there are times when you both need it – for example, driving, cooking, etc. And you do not want to risk the iPhone. This makes this accessory one more!

ninth SIM Card Cutter : If you live outside of America (like in India), this is one of the tools. Even in the case of Mobile Number portability, you will need to receive a new SIM card from the new service provider to transfer the number. And we usually do not get mini sim cards (not yet). This device gives you a precision mini sim card. The sim card can not be played with pencils, scales and extra sharp scissors. I'll leave you in an inch or a big mess! So take this.

10th Micro Sim Card Adapter : Well, maybe you wonder why I will need this. but I can give you a possible scenario. You can say that you have an iPhone you are grateful for and one day your wife chooses to show off to your friends as well. You do not want to miss a mini symbol that does not work on other regular phones (the expensive alternative is to get iPhone for it: P). This is when this rescue enters. With this accessory, you can use your mini-phone with regular phones.

Source by Indhu C

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