10 Facts about Motorola

Motorola was founded by Paul and Joseph Galvin and produced one of the first commercial bills in 1930. Today it is a Fortune 100 electronic communications company with an annual turnover of over 22 billion dollars.

  1. Martin Cooper was Motorola's Motorola Projector and invented the first mobile phone in the world in 1973 and weighs nearly 800 grams, it's far from being a small and sleek handset today. However, the first commercial handset, called Motorola Dyna-Tac, was not expected to consumers until 1984
  2. The Second World War led to many innovations, but one of the most useful and iconic was the mobile bilateral transmitter or Walkie Talkie, invented by Motorola in 1940. This particular model was called the SCR-300 and was a hefty back-mounted device. It was not until a year later that the masses produced a smaller handheld unit, which they called "Handie Talkie" or SCR-536
  3. Pagers were very popular in the 90s, but Motorola actually did the first in 1956 that was used in hospitals to send broadcast messages to individual individuals
  4. Motorola also made the first wireless big screen portable TV. This television had 19 inch screen size
  5. The company not only found communication devices used on Earth but also the radio that Neil Armstrong used to explain the legendary words "one little step for man, one giant leap for humanity" back in 1969 Apollo 11 Moon Unit
  6. High definition television is very popular nowadays, while Motorola's subsidiary, General Instrument Corporation, launched and launched the world's first HDTV television throughout 1990
  7. In 1999, iDEN made the i1000 plus the handset, the first smartphone to embed web browser, email and album messages.
  8. Motorola's Motorola was originally sold to police forces across America. In 1937, additional communication technologies enabled a bilateral release that allowed the police to communicate during a patrol
  9. Motorola's organization was called Galvin Manufacturing Corporation, incorporated on September 25, 1928, in Chicago, Illinois. It was not until 1947 that the company changed its name to Motorola
  10. In 1998 Motorola was taken by Nokia as the world's largest seller of mobile phones

Source by Louise Goldstein

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