10 Cool Things You Can Do With Android You Can not Do With iPhone

Android and iPhone are two of the hottest smart phones in the market. Consumer options might wonder why some choose to go Google's new Android over Apple that comes on iPhone. The following instructions are 10 reasons why Android might be worth it.

1. Multitasking.

The biggest advantage of Android is better multitasking. While the latest duplicate on iPhone allows limited background processes, such as Phone and iPod, activity functionality over Android, which offers true multitasking.

2. Visible home screen info.

Android contains active equipment in the home screen, which is customizable. Unlike iPhone users, who must find and launch each application one by one through the app list, Android users have luxury equipment, which are available for almost all applications.

3. Surf in open market.

Unlike Apple App Store iPhone, well-controlled by Apple and rejecting thousands of applications every week, the Android Marketplace is much lost in meritocracy; the better the program, the more people download it, and the more people end up using it.

4. Many notifications.

The iPhone notification system includes a basic set of popups. This can only happen once in a while. Furthermore, they can only be called by open applications. Android has a portable notification bar; It provides a symbol for each notification that is turned on.

5. Hardware selection.

Due to the open platform of Android, it can be paired with numerous smartphones, including Nexus One and Motorola Droid. These two are two times the number of options available with iPhone, which is the only platform for the operating system.

6. You can buy it (almost anywhere).

While you can only buy iPhone from Apple, you can purchase Android-compatible phones from almost all smartphone vendors, including Telstra, a popular carrier here in Australia.

7. Custom ROM installation.

ROM is a jailbreak program. Unlike limited jailbreak on iPhone, offering custom ROM capabilities to almost unlimited traffic on Android smartphone.

8. Quick changes to settings.

Devices and shortcuts allow faster and more effective Android guidance.

9. Social and Google integration.

Unlike iPhone, Android offers built-in integration of social networking sites and Google sites rather than relying on third-party applications.

10. Cost estimates.

Open source platform Android allows for much more varied phones and pricing for consumers than closed iPhone agreement.

There are several different popular Android phones out of the market now by continuing to grow every other day. Personally I went ahead and got me the LG GT540 (product description here: http://www.lg.com/au/mobile-phones/all-lg-phones/LG-bar-phones-GT540.jsp ) and the harbor did not look back then.

Source by Chelsi Woolz

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