10 best blog applications for the iPhone

Everyone knows the importance of iPhones today because their owners can enjoy the great adventure of the various features of the iPhone through their own personal use, which includes checking emails and surfing and browsing everyday. But there is another great advantage if you know and making a person easily doing blogging on the iPhone.

The App Store contains some good tools / apps that make it easy to maintain or update your blog via iPhone.

first WordPress: – WordPress application is free and probably everyone knows WordPress is an open source project. This app allows you to update or manage your WordPress blog directly from your iPad or iPhone. Use WordPress to moderate your comments and easily create or edit your blog posts and your page. You only need to have an iPhone with you and your personal blog on both WordPress.com and the self hosted blog.

2-Tumblr: – If you are already registered with Tumblr, the Tumblr app will be free for you because Tumblr lets you easily send your photos, quotes, and more on tumblelog. You can also video and audio directly from iPhone 3GS or later. The Tumblr dashboard is built into your app and you can easily search through Tumblr to update yourself for everyone.

3- iBlogger: – If you are looking for a combination blogging tool for your iPhone that provides a variety of blogging services, iBlogger will be the best choice. This is not a free application and charges about $ 9.99. IBlogger is compatible with MovableType, Drupal, TypePad, WordPress and many other blog services. Flexible to create posts, tags, images, links, categories, and more with this app. IBlogger makes blogging your current location easier with just a touch of a button and will be useful when traveling.

4th Joomla Mobile: – Joomla Mobile is a useful application that costs $ 9.99 and is especially useful for Joomla users. Joomla users will be able to maintain and update multiple Joomla websites using Joomla Mobile (JAM). Users can easily create, edit, delete, and view Joomla articles, categories, users, menus, and sections. With JAM you will be able to filter articles and paste images into articles. All you have to do is upload the app to the iPhone and check that all Joomla 1.5 xml / rpc is installed on each of the verified sites.

5- Squarespace: – The Squarespace application is a pretty good application for users to keep updating their blogs, and the app allows you to manage or create post content on Squarespace's blog, send pictures and view your site. With this app, you can easily manage multiple Squarespace sites and even create a new fresh account within your app.

6th BlogPress: – BlogPress is an application that charges $ 2.99 and works with iOS family that supports various blog services like MSN, Blogger, TypePad, MovableType, WordPress, Drupal, LiveJournal and Joomla. With BlogPress, you can easily upload videos and blogging your location. You can easily add more images to your blog and share the same posts on other blogs with just one click. The application can work in landscape mode on the bigger keyboard. BlogPress allows you to create and manage labels, tags, categories, and optional publishing dates. In addition, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Picasa and Flickr will also work.

7th altBlogger: – The altBlogger app will charge you $ 0.99 and easily buy the blog application for your iPhone. You can post new posts on Blogger.com and support more blogs. Use the altBlogger to manage labels and tags and easily view comments. The disadvantage you find with the app is that you can not edit the posts you posted and you can not add pictures to your blog. Instead, if you need a simple publishing tool for Blogger..com, this is a good tool for you.

8th CoverItLive iPhone: – CoverItLive iPhone is free to use an app that helps journalists, media companies and bloggers publish CoverItLive events on the iPhone. Use this app to help you publish your media and comments with up to one minute coverage and is suitable for publishing live events. With CoverItLive iPhone, you can easily place sounds, photos, and videos with built-in Twitter. You can also manage your reader's comments.

ninth Pen My Blog: Pen My Blog is also a free tool for Blogger.com that allows you to create / edit and delete your posts from the iPhone blogger blog. And if you need blogging at Blogger.com, but you do not want to pay a penny for an application, Pen My Blog will be the right choice.

10- HubPages: – HubPages is a freely-used application that allows you to manage the interests of HubPages. Use HubPages to publish and comment on status updates, Forums, Hubs, and more. You can also accept comments, get Hub statistics, and start Hub Hubing to explore and evaluate new Hubs.

These are great tools for busy bloggers to use on the iPhone. You've also seen that these many apps support many blog platforms and offer better blogging solutions. Looking at the cost, many apps are freely available, and apps that charge money, between $ 0.9 and $ 10.

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